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Having right amount of food at right time solves most of the health related issues is what I’ve heard from my elders. But what is right for whom? the challenge is not so simple.

Let’s use this thread to share all the interesting stuff about food. :slight_smile:

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I came across this link that explains the distinctions between Soya chunks and Paneer. It helped me comprehend which option to select.

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Hey Karthik,

This article provides distinction in terms of protein majorly. But we usually miss noticing the complete picture when some talks about protein and calories, probably that’s how a lot of snacks have been masqueraded when introduced in the market. Although the article’s conclusion is positive, I would like to share more, to help you plan your meal.

The calories in 100 gms Paneer and 100 gms Soya Chunks are in the same range but the distinction is in the distribution of the macronutrients. Carbs and Protein contribute 4 Kcal of energy per gram and fats contribute 9 Kcal per gram.

Interestingly, proteins are more filling, so it is hard to eat more protein-dense food. It keeps you full for a longer duration and hence reduces your overall consumption of calories as well. The rationale for limiting the consumption of Paneer should emphasize more on the fats in it. keeping fats at around 25% of the total food calories in a day is a healthy way and any individual food item that has more fat can make us go overboard easily as we have other foods including oil to contribute to our daily intake of fats.

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An interesting read on how dietary and lifestyle changes impact disease. The article provides evidence for each of the factors represented in the table above.

A factor that’s often overlooked is the role of fiber. Check out how dietary fiber intake through fruits and vegetables can prevent obesity, and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Fiber intake can help maintain hormonal balance and also helps improve gut health by feeding good bacteria in the gut.

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