What is the vetting process for startup ideas presented to the Rainmatter team?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering after after sending my startup idea to the Rainmatter team through their dedicated google form, how they would handle these ideas and what makes it feasible for them to get in touch with me and how they evaluate it.

Do they even respond in case that they find the idea not interesting? Please explain the process in detail.


Hi Sivan,

On our Google form, we get huge volume of of startups applying. We review these on a daily basis and get back if the startup is within our focus areas and if we like the idea or understand the product.

The Google form submission has a disclaimer message once you submit your application informing you of the same. Given the volume it is difficult for us to get back to all applications, but we try to get back to teams based on the selection criteria. :slight_smile:

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I had received a reply with 3-4 days with a very transparent message

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Thanks Dinesh, I somehow missed out on the disclaimer message.

I’m interested in knowing the selection criteria, if you’d be kind enough to share that.

Lucky you. It’s been 10 days for me, I’m guessing they didn’t find the idea very interesting.

Hi Sivan, we check out the sector you are building in and discuss the business idea in detail if the sector is in the focus areas mentioned here - Rainmatter - Perennial investments – Z-Connect by Zerodha Z-Connect by Zerodha.

And if we then screen in the idea, we get back over email or inquire any queries we have from our evaluation. We keep it simple at the screening stage. :slight_smile:

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They reached back telling that idea is not much interesting as of now.
You can check Yog4Lyf though and share feedback.

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That’s great. My idea falls into the fintech category. So I’m hoping there would be a response soon, looking forward to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have responded on the other thread. Had missed responding earlier. :slight_smile: