Democratizing Film & Entertainment Investments

Hi everyone,

I am in the ideation phase of a startup where we enable retail investors to take part in the film and entertainment industry investments. I am planning on naming it “FentX”- F for Film, ent for entertainment and X for exchange.

This platform would enable retail investors invest and trade their equity in project among other users in the platform. I feel this would enable a breakthrough in the number of investors in this industry. Imagine being able to invest in films and music and capitalizing on the public interest around each particular project which fluctuates with trends, mainly on social media.

For this idea to come to gain initial traction, the following areas have to be worked on:
Cyber resilience of the platform
Meeting of regulatory compliances
Transparent Due Diligence reports on the investment opportunities present to the users.

I have a submitted the idea in detail through the form given by Rainmatter. But i’d like to refine this idea further with then help of the readers.

I am all ears.

Very unique ideation. I am not sure if we have anything similar. Do you have any small prototype which I can see/test.

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I don’t have any prototype at the moment. But imagine Netflix, but for investing in movies. That’s how it can become.

Hi Sivan,

This is outside the focus areas. :slight_smile:

Please do keep us updated on the progress though.

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