TCS world 10k- Lets train together!

125 folks from Zerodha signed up for TCS10k.
Kudos to all of you :+1:

How’s the training progressing?
What’s your goal time?

Drop a comment here. You may get company if your goal time is same :running_woman::running_man:

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How is the training shaping folks? 4 weeks to go :slight_smile:

Few markers you can consider to evaluate your progress:

  • You should be comfortable in jogging/running for atleast 45 mins or 7-8k by now.
  • The post run fatigue should not be more than 8/10.
  • You shouldn’t feel any aches or pain after the run. Niggles are understandable.
  • You will only feel out of breadth if you over pace early on. That should be controlled.

Ok so for next few weeks, you should change the training gear.

  • Try doing one or two interval speed workout.
    Example - 5 x (3 min fast/ 3 min slow). The fast pace should be at 90% effort and slow pace should be a jog. At the next interval workout, you can either increase the time by one minute (make it 4 min) or increase one repetition (make it 6 times).
  • This kind of workout will make you tire. But will help get some speed turnover on the legs.
  • On days you decide to do this workout, you should be well rested previous night. And fuel/hydrate well post workout.
  • Maybe on weekend you could try running the entire 10k distance at 80-90%% effort. This would be around Z3-Z4 Heart rate.

Quick check:

  • If you’re planning to buy a new shoe and waiting to wear it on the race day. That’s a bad idea.
  • You should break into the shoes before the race. Atleast do 2-3 runs before the event.
  • Also relevant for your race apparels.
  • Cut down on your outside food as you get closer to the race.
  • Getting ABC juices (Apple-beetroot-carrot) few times a week now is a good practice.

Anything else i can help answer? Shoot here :slight_smile:

Btw, if you are injured but still want to experience the 10k distance. Recover well. There is another race in July :slight_smile:


Hello folks- Around 8 days to go for the race :slight_smile:

Training should be almost a wrap now. I’ll share few things that i’ve followed as race day gets closer.

  1. Avoid doing any new physical routine now that you are not used to. This includes new exercises or playing a new sport. You don’t want to get injured this close to the race.
  2. Avoid eating anything new which your body is not used to. You don’t want an upset stomach or illness caused by bad food.
  3. Race day anxiety is normal. Happens to new and experienced runners :slight_smile: Trust in your training. And visualise your self running the course on the day. This is a powerful tool.
  4. Read through the race day instructions carefully. TCS10K is a big event and approx 30k+ runners are expected. Yes, it’s massive for that route. You don’t want any surprises so understand very well what you can carry and what you shouldn’t. There would be traffic restrictions, so plan your commute accordingly. Prefer to car pool or take a cab.
  5. The organisers will soon publish what to expect on the race route like water points & toilets.
  6. Your BIB will mention your group (A,B,C…). Faster runners get A and so on…

What to do in next few days:

  1. Maybe this Saturday, try a 5k run at your goal race pace. Example- If you plan to finish the 10k at 60mins, try to run a 5k @ 6min/km this Saturday. If you don’t feel the pace comfortable, this is a chance for you to recalibrate your time goals. Either way, its good to experience the race pace before hand.
  2. If you’ve been lifting weights, cut down on your sessions and weights. You don’t want to carry any soreness.
  3. Getting a deep tissue passage atleast 4-5 days out from the race is a good practice. Helps to relax the muscle stiffness.
  4. 3-4 days out from the race, you can progressively increase your carb intake. This will increase your glucose storage that can be dipped in as energy fuel on race day.
  5. Keep hydration well one day before race. You shouldn’t be dehydrated. And avoid being on the foot for long hours.

I’ll come back and update the thread if there is more to add.

Wish you all good luck for the race! See you on the course or at the finish line :slight_smile:
Smile when you see the cameras. The pictures are worth it.


For anyone strategizing, this blog details the route course.

How did everyone do? I managed to finish in 1 hour, 11 minutes (and 34 seconds) :slight_smile: It was easier than I expected, running on open roads and with a lot of people, which gave me an energy boost. Fortunately, the weather was good too!

PS: provisional results are available here:


Congratulations @vishnus

And kudos to everyone who crossed the finish line :clap:

My official timing is 40:59. So technically 41mins.

Not a good day at work. Far away from previous best.

But life moves on :blush:.
Will train smarter and bounce back for next one .


++ Wasn’t as tough as I thought it’d be. My final time was


Need to run more often to try and finish under an hour next time around. Thanks @Dilip.Kumar for all your tips and the endless motivation :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

You can download a photo’s from the above-mentioned link by entering Bib number.

I was looking for ways to keep this thread alive :grinning:

So for folks wanting to continue their running streak.

Another 10k/5k event in Namma bengaluru :blush:

On July 2nd.

6 weeks to go. Another chance to get your PB.


I think a LinkedIn post can help…more participants, and more activity on the forum.

There is bengaluru marathon also coming and the only marathon are allowed to run 21km loop in middle of the city.

  • 42.2 kms, 21.9 & 5km On 8th of October.

Thanks. I just registered for the 10k :muscle:t2::see_no_evil:

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Another local 10k event to keep the legs busy :blush:

This one is at HSR and for a cause