TCS world 10k- Lets train together!

This race condition could also be used as a time trial. Maybe a 90% effort. The course has some rolling inclines and can be a hard training run.

Not recommended to those who are just getting started with running.

Update: End of week 1 training

Total mileage : 58k
Two hard workouts, three easy runs & three strength sessions.


  1. Carrying an extra weight of 4kg to be shed closer to race :grimacing:
  2. Nutrition & sleep pattern disturbed due to travel. Will fix it next week onwards.
  3. One more week of base training and then a race specific block.

Hope others are progressing well!
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Progressing, but not well enough :grimacing: I did like a 4km run last evening after ages. Strength training is on track.

A word of caution for anyone running on the roads, simply avoid if you can. If you can’t, please be extremely careful of your surroundings, don’t have your headphones/music on. This unfortunate incident happened yesterday in Bombay.

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:heavy_plus_sign: for avoid running with music.

Some best practices:

  1. Avoid traffic laden roads. Prefer parks, grounds, apartment surrounding or side roads that doesn’t have vehicular movement.
  2. Wear bright running tees and reflector vests if possible.
  3. Carry some tag in your pocket that has an emergency no. of friend/family member. Amazon has some options of wrist bands.
  4. Treadmill can be used for short runs.
  5. Always always run on the opposite side of the incoming traffic.

Safety always first!


@Dilip.Kumar What are the advantages and disadvantages of running outdoors compared to running indoors on a treadmill, and which option is generally considered better for overall fitness and well-being?

not there yet, I’m only running on treadmills now. There is going to be a huge difference between running on a treadmill and running outside, right? Is there any impact if most of the training is done on treadmill?

I do some half hour strength training + 20–25 minutes of constant running on treadmill as of now most days. There are few travels coming up :joy: so yeah

I’m somehow allergic to running, I find it boring :frowning: What do you find motivation in @Dilip.Kumar ? Don’t you get bored especially when you run super long distance?

Did around 6kms in 40 minutes on a treadmill :frowning: My target is to do 10 in an hour. Seems like a tall ask for now. Will keep training.

Running on a Treadmill is boring as hell Venu, anything more than 20 mins are extremely hard. If you are running at 10km/hr, maybe you could even watch something fun, otherwise, listen to a podcast.

I am guessing long-distance running is more mind than body. So Dilip is probably like a Yogi. :wink:


@Sagar_Gudekote @vishnus @venumadhav.ks

Treadmill run is boring :upside_down_face: Have to agree with Nithin on this.
It’s best to use it as a proxy for short runs on days you can’t get outdoor.
Limiting it to 3-4km or 20-30mins is ideal.

Are there any additional benefits of running on treadmill? Nah! :no_mouth:

Can it harm? - This is a speculative topic, but i’ve generally seen folks developing some discomfort with prolonged treadmill runs. Including myself. That’s because most Treadmill’s in India don’t have good conveyor belt. And our feet doesn’t naturally favour that mechanical movement (landing or acceleration).
And alternating between indoor and outdoor frequently is also not advisable. The muscles & tendons get confused and can cause injury. Has happened to me.

Outdoor running is the best :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish i’d a perfect solution for this :slight_smile:
Here’s what has worked for me over the years. In early days, i would listen to some music to keep mind engaged. Downside was i always overpaced based on the music tempo and ran out of steam soon.
Then i moved to Podcast. Since this is a passive consumption, it helped to regulate the pace and stay on feet for longer.

Since past 2+ years, i run without any device. Very occasionally it will be a podcast but that’s because the distance is 30k- 35k+ and slow pace. :turtle: :innocent:

@Seema was telling she has the same issue of getting bored :slightly_smiling_face:
And she wants to build the consistency.

Participating in races can be a good hack. That worked for me in the early days. It brings a different level of endorphin that stays for long. And you wanna come back to keep doing it more.

Running for me is beyond just a fitness activity. Now its about performance :slightly_smiling_face: So that keeps me engaged and involved with the sport.

I think doing few races will possibly bring that change. Atleast to a few folks it should :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha! I had a perfect meme for this. But unable to upload it here :grinning:

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Bangalore races in next few months:
9th, April
9th, April India Running
2nd, July Click2Race

Directory of all races across India-

Will try to keep this post updated :slight_smile:


I read this article, quiet insightful. The summary is as under:

→ There are multiple training zones - Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3. The number indicates the intensity of one’s training. Zone 3 is high intensity, Zone 2 is medium & Zone 1 is low.

→ If during your run, you’re able to engage in a regular conversation, you’re in Zone 1.

→ Zone 2 is when you’re able to speak but in broken sentences. And if you’re huffing & puffing and thinking you’re almost dead, you’re in Zone 3.

→ Eliud is a long distance runner and is the current marathon world champion. He apparently trains 85% of the time in Zone 1! He’s doing really easy runs for most part of his training - he takes on an average 4-5 minutes for every km, vs marathon pace of 2.55 minutes/km! :exploding_head:

→ So the idea is slow paced easy running for most part of the training & push yourself to your highest intensity only occasionally.

For more, read the article :slight_smile:


It’s was fun to sweat out the 30mins together this morning :blush:

Pics coming from @Sagar_Gudekote @Tharun

  1. Pls take your proteins after an intense workout. Ideally within 30mins of the workout. Noticed no one did today :slight_smile:

  2. Its getting extremely hot & humid these days. Good to get some Vitamin D through sun exposure. But we need to replenish all the lost minerals in our sweat. Get electrolytes in your water. If you’re drinking water when you feel thirsty, it’s too late.

Ignore the above and you will carry the fatigue and soreness for few days. And overall recovery will get impacted.

See you all for the 10k run :slight_smile:



Kipchoge is a GOAT.

This will give goosebumps. Guaranteed :blush:


Hello folks

I attempted a 10k time trial this past weekend and bonked very badly :frowning: Was lacking good rest and recovery. But training continues.

Hows the progress for others here? What distance and pace is comfortable now?

I had started practicing for the run and reached an average pace of 9 for 2 kilometers. I injured my ankle playing football and ignored it. Continued running and played football again. The pain became unbearable, so I went to a physiotherapist. He said it’s most likely a ligament tear and has advised 6–8 weeks of rest. Have a couple of physiotherapy sessions lined up. No running or lower-body workout till then. So yeah, I’m hoping to recover a few days before the run and practice a bit.

The only thing I can do now is swim, so I will be signing up for that :smiley:

I can relate to this. Wish you a speedy recovery @Tharun.

I thought of signing up for the 10k but then having no practice running and having injured my ankle a few years ago got me concerned. I had to quit badminton for weeks in the past because of this ankle injury. Two weeks ago I have started HIIT running for 15 minutes, the plan is to do it twice a week to habituate my body to running while I strengthen my legs with resistance training twice a week. Hoping to be able to make it to at least a 5k run in 6 months.


I went for a run outside for the first time in years last night. I could do 1 hour non-stop (7.29km). Pace was very low, but I am happy I could do this. I had to stop because of the insane dehydration I felt. How do you manage hydration? During run if we sip water, it can cause issues right? Also before run if I drink too much water, I feel some weird catch in upper abdomen / lower lungs after a point.


Ahh thats bad. Take care.
Btw, i got into running because of ligament tear injury :wink:
Maybe this brings the runner in you out :slight_smile:

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I would not recommend late evening running to someone new to the sport. Very less time to recover before you hit the bed. And that carry forward of fatigue is not healthy. For experience runners they have different adaptations.

Best is to place a water bottle somewhere in your loop. Take a sip every 5-7 mins or few km’s depending on your energy level. Hydration during run doesn’t cause any issues. But you’ve to be mindful on the quantity you take. Limit it to few sips.
If you feel thirsty during run, it means its too late.

Hydration before/during/post run is important. Body takes some time to adapt to the new system.

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Btw, today is Boston Marathon. It’s one of the most prestigious races and the oldest marathon in the world. Runners have to qualify to participate. I ran in 2022 :slight_smile:

And the GOAT , Kipchoge is making his Boston debut.
You may get some livestream on Youtube :slight_smile: