TCS world 10k- Lets train together!

This race condition could also be used as a time trial. Maybe a 90% effort. The course has some rolling inclines and can be a hard training run.

Not recommended to those who are just getting started with running.

Update: End of week 1 training

Total mileage : 58k
Two hard workouts, three easy runs & three strength sessions.


  1. Carrying an extra weight of 4kg to be shed closer to race :grimacing:
  2. Nutrition & sleep pattern disturbed due to travel. Will fix it next week onwards.
  3. One more week of base training and then a race specific block.

Hope others are progressing well!
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Progressing, but not well enough :grimacing: I did like a 4km run last evening after ages. Strength training is on track.

A word of caution for anyone running on the roads, simply avoid if you can. If you can’t, please be extremely careful of your surroundings, don’t have your headphones/music on. This unfortunate incident happened yesterday in Bombay.

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:heavy_plus_sign: for avoid running with music.

Some best practices:

  1. Avoid traffic laden roads. Prefer parks, grounds, apartment surrounding or side roads that doesn’t have vehicular movement.
  2. Wear bright running tees and reflector vests if possible.
  3. Carry some tag in your pocket that has an emergency no. of friend/family member. Amazon has some options of wrist bands.
  4. Treadmill can be used for short runs.
  5. Always always run on the opposite side of the incoming traffic.

Safety always first!


@Dilip.Kumar What are the advantages and disadvantages of running outdoors compared to running indoors on a treadmill, and which option is generally considered better for overall fitness and well-being?

not there yet, I’m only running on treadmills now. There is going to be a huge difference between running on a treadmill and running outside, right? Is there any impact if most of the training is done on treadmill?

I do some half hour strength training + 20–25 minutes of constant running on treadmill as of now most days. There are few travels coming up :joy: so yeah