TCS world 10k- Lets train together!

TCS World10k is a gold standard race in India

A great oppurtunity to begin your running journey if you are keen to add this to your fitness routine or pursue the sport competitively :running_woman: :running_man:

Exactly 11weeks to go for the race.
Eight to ten week is a good training block for beginners and intermediate level runners.

We can use this forum to motivate each other & share training tips.
Primary goal is to remain injury free , recover and train well.

For beginners, what help and guidance do you need? Feel free to add your request and participate in the discussion.

For intermediate level runners, do you need any specific inputs to get better in your training?

Advanced level runners, kindly add your suggestions and experiences to help others.

About me:
I’m an amateur runner who took up running to get fit :slight_smile:
My current timings are 10k: 37:56 , Half Marathon : 1:22:45 , Full Marathon : 2:55:28
If you are on Strata, we can connect here Strava Runner Profile | Dilip |

Hope to see a strong participation from Zerodha at the race :slight_smile:


Hi Dilip,

I started my fitness journey a few months ago consistently and haven’t focused on running yet. I have signed up for a 5K run. How can beginners get started and progressively train for it?

Some routine advice, please?

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Hi Kulsum

Kudos for signing up for the 5k!

Running is an aerobic sport and the progress has to be tactical for long term benefits.

My suggestion is to do 3 days of running and 2days of strength & flexibility workouts. Complete rest for remaining days. Alternate between strength & running days.

Your strength sessions should include core& mobility. This app has specific workouts for running

Build endurance first. Once you’re comfortable to finish 5k without stopping, you can introduce pace to your run. Start with 2-3k jog/day, then add one km every two weeks to the distance.

Is this useful? :blush:


Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey Dilip, thanks for this. Had a couple of questions:

Does being able to run long distance come only with enough practice or are there techniques that can make one’s run more efficient? For example: Is there something around landing on your toes vs landing on your heels that makes running easier/better?

Is there a breathing pattern one is required to follow while running?

Are there specific running drills when followed make it easier to run long distances?


@Dilip.Kumar, articles like this can make one skeptical about running. Have you come across anyone experiencing this? Is there anything inexperienced runners may miss that can land them in this critical cartilage damage?

Hey @venumadhav.ks - Quite a lot packed in your comments :slight_smile: And relevant too. Glad to see you on the forum :slight_smile:

Running long is endurance. Endurance can only be built by running a lot :slight_smile: Existing physiology does help as a starting base. Consistency is key.
Running efficiency (RE) is separate. It’s developed with experience on legs. Specific workouts have to be incorporated as your get comfortable with distance. These are intense pace based workouts depending on the target race you are training. One metric to track improvement in RE is Vo2max.
Endurance and RE are independent factors.
In short, first become comfortable with distance. Then build speed.

Toe vs heel landing is widely researched topic in the endurance world. Google will surely confuse you :slight_smile: Hard to say which is good or bad. Ideally, landing on mid-foot and striking from heel is considered better.

There are few breathing patterns commonly referred by runners. It’s ideal that you inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Yes, it can take some bit of unlearning and learning. And may not come naturally to everyone in the begining :slight_smile:
Most commonly used patterns are 3:2 or 2:2. And there are many more…
3 steps as you inhale and 2 steps as you exhale

If this is too confusing in the begining, i suggest to keep it natural. The way your body adapts.

Drills helps to build strength and posture. Like doing strides or short hill repeats.

To run long and fast, specific workouts has to be done. That adds speed in different format. For a beginner in running, the primary goal should be to complete the distance comfortably. And then introduce speed.

Warm up & Cool down are often ignored by many runners. Very important to get the body conditioned before and after the run. If there is interest, i can create few videos of the routine and share here :slight_smile:

Good luck Venu! Hope to follow your progress here. And see you at the start line :slight_smile:


Hi @Shalem - Why should this be a concern? This is infact a positive insight.

The study confirm there was no correlation between running mileage or pace and increased risk of knee or hip arthritis

Runners do get injured :slight_smile: Like any other sport. A structured training is recommended. I’ve got injured multiple times in the beginning of my running journey. That’s because of my ignorance and lack of guidance.

Good luck to you! Happy to be of any help :slight_smile:

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Will it be useful for beginners to have a training plan to refer? A 10 week plan to race.

If there are ten :+1: to this post. I’ll share a plan here soon :slight_smile:

I did the TCS 10K with Runners High (Santosh) in 2009 and 2010. I was in Runner’s high 1st batch…later did Auroville 10K as well and eventually lost interest in running.I’m still not fond of running, but I’d like to give it another go this year. My aim is to just complete 10K without puffing and panting.

@Dilip.Kumar sir consider this :pray: equivalent to 10 likes and please guide us.


Changing this narrative and bringing back the forgotten glory is the goal now :grinning:

Will post a training plan shortly here :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


Day 1 of 10k training began past Saturday March 11th.

Sunday/March 12th - Strength training with a 4k Warm up run.
Monday/March 13th - Strength training.

How’s it going @Kulsum @venumadhav.ks @Sagar_Gudekote :slightly_smiling_face:

Who else preparing for TCS10k? Hola!


Gasping and panting at just two minutes of running, probably because I have high TSH levels and PCOS, taking it slow but being consistent :slight_smile:

Waiting for the training plan :grimacing:

Hi @Dilip.Kumar, I have a curious question. I’ve noticed that some athletes take creatine to enhance their stamina and endurance during marathons. Can you let me know what cycle/dose they go through in order to use it?


Here is a 5k training plan :slight_smile:

This is specifically for beginners new to running and others who may have an active fitness lifestyle but new to running. Folks who are experienced with some type of endurance training, this is not for them. They will find this boring :grinning:

The sheet can be downloaded so that you can refer on daily basis offline.

I’ve shared some additional resources on strength training, warm up & cool down routines before runs. Please excuse the quality of the video. I shot this 2 years back for few other friends :grinning:. Maybe if people find it useful, i will record a newer version with more movements and routines.

Look forward to seeing updates here on training progress.

Maybe we could catchup in Bangalore on weekends for a group run if we have enough quorum :slight_smile:

5k Training plan - click here

Notes on Strength training


Hi @KarthikAcharya I don’t have knowledge on the specificity of the dosage for athletes. I suppose it may vary from type of sport, training phase and athlete type.

Personally, i take 1000mg Creatine Monohydrate daily after workout :slight_smile:

During each session, write down how much weight you used. Write this in your logbook or on a piece of paper. So that next week you use the same weight, or maybe 5kg more.

FitNotes is an excellent app to track your weight training progress.


I’ve signed up for 10k :cold_face: hope to be able to complete it like @karthikrangappa said without puffing and panting :')


Good luck @vishnus for the training.

Hope to see you here regularly with your training progress :slight_smile: