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Hi @NithinKamath & Rainmatter Team, Devesh this side, I am working on a mission to ensure that every student (Class9th-12th) takes informed decisions about their career. In India, as per reports- 93% of students take uninformed career decisions leading them to stress, depression, societal pressure and suicide. Further, apart from employment concerns, the suicide rate is always high, i.e., an alarming average of 35 suicides per day due to career anxiety. To solve this problem, I am building a peer network (https://mentroid.in/) where we connect students with peer mentors who have been there and done that. I have emailed details including the pitch deck at [email protected]. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

Hi @NithinKamath @Pai and Rainmatter team,
Happy Independence Day to everyone at Rainmatter and Zerodha :slight_smile:

I am Dominic, and it’s a privilege to present my brand before you.

Allow me to introduce Frootein Foods, a pioneering protein brand that is currently making a mark in the vibrant Mangalore market. At Frootein, our mission is to bring the goodness of homecooked, protein-rich meals right to the consumers’ doorstep.

Each whole foods cooked meal will consist of 40gm protein, making it ideal for folks with active lifestyle + who indulge in strength workout + folks who do not like consuming supplements to meet their protein targets.

I have shared the in-depth overview of our business model with you via email ([email protected]). Requesting for your kind review, and Should you have any queries or require further explanation, I am readily available for a call or an email exchange.

I am genuinely excited about the prospect of your support in realizing my vision. Together, we can not only educate the public but also establish Frootein as the supreme protein brand in Mangalore and beyond.

Lastly, I would like to extend my gratitude for the great work that Rainmatter does in supporting small businesses like mine.

Hoping for your positive response.

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I loved this announcement by Nithin and the rainmatter team.


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Patient Capital mixed with Passion Capital of the entrepreneur will create a BIG IMPACT.
This is much needed in India.
I work in sports development space. Both patience and passion are key ingredients here :grinning:

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Could you share more about what you are working on at [email protected]?

Sure. Here is the Intro link I shared on the Forum yesterday.

Happy to discuss more…

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