IronMan Goa relay team. Anyone interested?

Ironman is a triathlon event.
More details here

This year the event is on 8th, October in Goa.

For the corporate relay team, minimum two or three members needed to finish a 1.9km swim, 90km ride and 21km run.

Any swimmer or cyclists keen to tag along? I can do the run segment :slight_smile:
If you’ve been thinking to pick up swimming this summer or get a new bike, this could be a good reason :slight_smile:


Running @Dilip.Kumar
Swimming @NithinKamath
Bike @faisal

Yay we have a team :clap:t2::sweat_smile:

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Some clarification:

For individual open category, anyone can signup. They have to do all the three sport.

For team relay, min two and max three members. If there are two members, one person will have to do two sport. If it’s three members, each have to do one sport.

Add your name below with the sport you are strong with :slight_smile:
We can form teams depending on the sequence.

Let’s go!

Dilip- Running


I needed a reason to focus on swimming; this one seems like it. I will probably attempt to do a solo. Swimming and cycling will be easy; running will be tough due to my knees.


@Sagar_Gudekote why don’t you post on Inside. We might find a bunch for the relay.

I will cycle :blush:


I can cycle, but I cannot swim, nor run that far yet :') I am up for the team relay.

Folks, I’ve reached out to the organisers to get more clarity on the relay team structure.
Will post back soon.

Here is some general info received from the organisers.

Pls share the thread with other Zerodha colleagues to get more attention :slight_smile:
We can field more than one team for the competition.

Heard back from the organisers.
Min two and max three members can participate as relay team. That’s confirmed.
Which means one athlete has to finish any two activities :expressionless:

The current roster
Cyclist- Seema, Vishnu
Runner- Dilip

We need more folks.
And where are the swimmers :swimming_man:

Hi Dilip,

I would like to take part of the Ironman as cyclist let me know if I can come in :slight_smile:

Awesome to see you here Manjesh :slight_smile:

We’re now three cyclists
@Seema , @vishnus , @Manjesh

One runner @Dilip.Kumar

Need swimmers or someone from the above lot have to swim :blush:

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In case I wanna enroll, am I late?

Not at all. Hi @ShikhaSingh !

Would you prefer swim, cycling or running?

great! I have few queries So i’ll DM you that.

I will Run :running_man:


Hi folks! Bringing this thread up again.

We don’t have enough swimmers to form multiple teams.
Can you talk to your colleagues and form a team and post back.

The latest is:
@vishnus & @Manjesh Cycling
@NithinKamath Swim
@TheMaddala @Dilip.Kumar run


Rohan Rai from support is a good swimmer he will join us.

I am in for swimming …

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The latest is:
@vishnus @Manjesh @Seema Cycling
@NithinKamath @Rohan123 Swim
@TheMaddala @Dilip.Kumar run

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Update: Seema is not available.

@Rohan123 What’s the longest open water swim you’ve done? and are your available for October 8th?

@vishnus @Manjesh The ride is for 90k. Are you both available for the October 8th and ready to ride that distance?

@TheMaddala Have you run a half marathon before?