Fitness assessment by company (All is well)

For Runners and cyclist and general fitness enthusiast. .
If you like to get an assessment done, drop your name below and will coordinate with the company.

This is the email received from a company pitching for investment to Rainmatter
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Procedure details Procedure Document_AFS.pdf - Google Drive

Hey Dilip,

I am attaching two documents

  1. About AIW and Assessments

  2. Procedure of doing assessments

  • For the assessments runners/cyclists simply need to turn up at the venue:
  1. In their regular training kit,

  2. Fasting for at least 2 hours for the BCA test

  3. Carry their hydration drink and a light snack

We can organize it in South Bangalore/Central Bangalore/Mumbai depending on where the maximum users are coming from.

We can do the assessment early morning (say 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.) next Saturday/Sunday (4/5 Nov) for your group. It is a lot of fun, healthy competition and the more the merrier :slight_smile:

  • A fitness report card will be shared with them on our app and we will share details for login. They can access other features on the app free for a month.

You can share the message below my signature on your WhatsApp groups along with the two attached documents. Hope this is helpful.



All Is Well, India’s first AI-driven integrated fitness app is bringing you an assessment opportunity.

Take our 360-degree Integrated Fitness Assessment, known as the All Is Well Fitness Score (AFS), and improve your performance. 🎯

  1. Why should I take this assessment?

Long-distance running/cycling requires a combination of being

  • Physically strong: To minimize injuries, run/cycle pain-free and improve speed & recovery

  • Mentally tough: To continue running/cycling when you hit the wall and build a champion mindset during training

This integrated assessment will help you benchmark your current level of (physical + nutrition + psychological) fitness. It will also give you specific areas where you can improve to ensure you perform to your potential in the upcoming marathons, cyclothons and triathlons.

  1. Who would conduct it?

Team of All Is Well which includes sports science experts who have trained Ultra-marathon runners, champions like SKY, Shreyas Iyer, Sindhu and Mary Kom.

  1. What would I get after the test?

You will get a personalized integrated fitness report card which will include

  • AIW Fitness Score: Indicating your running/cycling fitness

  • Breakdown of your physical + body composition + psychological fitness parameters

  • Specific areas where you are strong and where you need to improve your running/cycling

  • Actionable Insights and tips from experts

  • Group Session with an expert of your choice to answer your questions related to injury care/ recovery/ S&C/ nutrition & hydration strategies/mental training

You will also get free access to the All Is Well app for a month.

Running AFS.pdf (3.3 MB)

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