Work tax in Healthcare- Using deeptech to improve access, affordability and reliability of care

This has reference to Dilip’s LinkedIn post as below:

We at MedBeat Health Connect are building an AI powered product to solve this challenge.
Our product, MedBeat HealthConnect, accurately captures the current patient condition/symptoms, marries it with existing heath conditions/records and lab reports, and generates a precise and relevant clinical summary. Through appropriate pairing of data, it also provides differential diagnosis options to assist the doctor. Further, it comes with vernacular to English language translation, preventing loss of information.
With our product, we aim to optimize consultation time, improve diagnosis accuracy, significantly aid in teleconsultation where a physical touch is not possible. Thus we create a system where both the Health Provider and the Health consumer stand to gain.
Our product is built on a robust database, has gone clinical validation and am happy to meet up with like minded folks here.

Soumitra Nanda

Hi @Soum , how is the product useful for healthcare seeker & provider?

Hi @ Dilip,

Thanks for responding.

The Healthcare provider gets a very appropriate summary of the patient (current complaint + associated/ past medical history). This does i) an effective triage of the patients (as opposed to first come first served), and ii) optimizes the consultation/encounter time (he/she spends where its needed to be more and vice versa). The product also gives options for differential diagnosis which would help improve diagnosis accuracy, reduce medical errors and improve care pathways leading to patient satisfaction. Further the product comes with vernacular to English capability, which prevents loss of information flow between the doctor and the patient.
In future and with data buildup, our goal is to us it for personalization of care.

For the patient/healthcare seeker, an appropriate capture of symptoms and history, diverts them to the right care provider, For eg. if the need for the patient is to go to a GP instead of a specialist, it should be that way thereby impacting the cost of care (OOP if no insurance is there and contains the claims costs if insurance cover is there). In essence it improves access, affordability and quality of care delivered.

Our MVP is ready for a demo.

Hope this helps.

Hi Dilip,
Hope the explanation provided answers your question.

Just as FYI for all- the product is ready to use for trial/pilot for any one interested. Please reach out to me at my WA number (9591984772) and we can take it forward.