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Through Rainmatter, we have been trying to figure out how we can support teams that are helping people make healthy choices.

And since some of us are actively tracking the health space, we will share some of the good documentaries, movies, podcasts on health on this thread. Please do add to this thread and we will give it a watch :slight_smile:

Starting off with the documentary on Netflix called, What the Health.

This documentary explaining how the American diet is way too high in animal products, leading to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Also, goes on to describe how the government and non-profit health organizations aren’t trying to get people to change food habits, but instead promote these products because the meat companies provide funding to the government and sponsorship dollars to the health organizations. Conflict of interest much?

The pharmaceutical companies view these chronic illnesses as cash cows, so despite research showing how diet and lifestyle can reduce, prevent, or even reverse diseases, they don’t educate consumers. Instead, they make treatments and drugs that the patient has to take for the rest of their lives.

  1. Seaspiracy (2021) - IMDb
    The film examines human impacts on marine life and advocates for ending fish consumption. Trigger warning: You may stop consuming fish after watching this :stuck_out_tongue: It raises concerns about the health implications of consuming fish, particularly regarding contamination. The film highlights the presence of pollutants such as mercury, plastics, and microplastics in seafood, which can accumulate in the tissue of fish and other seafood and pose a risk to human health.
    The film also suggests that farmed fish, which is a significant source of seafood for many people, can be contaminated with antibiotics and other chemicals used in aquaculture. It argues that these contaminants, combined with the impact of overfishing and other destructive fishing practices, make fish consumption a potentially risky choice for human health.

  2. Kiss the Ground (2020) - IMDb
    It explores the potential benefits of regenerative agriculture for improving the health of the planet and its inhabitants. The film argues that conventional industrial agriculture practices, which rely on monoculture, heavy use of chemicals, and tillage, are damaging to the soil and the environment, and that this has a negative impact on the quality of the food we eat.
    It suggests that regenerative agriculture practices, such as regenerative grazing and the use of cover crops and compost, can help to rebuild soil health, increase biodiversity, and capture carbon from the atmosphere. It argues that this not only benefits the planet, but also has the potential to improve the quality of the food we eat by increasing its nutrient content and reducing the presence of harmful chemicals.
    It also highlights the link between soil health, food quality, and human health, suggesting that the food grown in healthy soil is more nutritious and can help to reduce the risk of diet-related chronic diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

  3. Down to Earth with Zac Efron (TV Mini Series 2020– ) - IMDb
    Actor Zac Efron journeys around the world with wellness expert Darin Olien in a travel show that explores healthy, sustainable ways to live. Throughout the series, it highlights the importance of eating a balanced and nutrient-dense diet, and the role that food plays in maintaining good health. The series emphasizes the importance of eating whole, minimally processed foods, and reducing the intake of processed foods and sugar. Overall, it presents a compelling case for the connection between food, health, and the environment, and encourages viewers to make informed choices about the food they eat. It promotes a holistic approach to food and health, emphasizing the importance of balancing both for a healthier and more sustainable future.

  4. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014) - IMDb
    It examines the environmental impact of animal agriculture, particularly the beef and dairy industries. The film argues that animal agriculture is one of the leading contributors to environmental problems, such as deforestation, water scarcity, and greenhouse gas emissions.
    In terms of the quality of food and its impact on health, “Cowspiracy” argues that a diet based on animal products, particularly beef and dairy, is not sustainable and can have negative health consequences. It suggests that consuming large amounts of animal products can increase the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain forms of cancer.
    The film also highlights the environmental and ethical impacts of industrial animal agriculture, including the use of antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals in animal production, as well as the impact of animal agriculture on water quality and availability.


One hundred contestants in top physical shape compete in a series of grueling challenges to claim the honor - and cash reward - as the last one standing.

Real life squid game? :sweat_smile:

Chris Hemsworth on longevity and being limitless.

Personally, found some of the stuff he says here quite extreme. But an interesting listen nonetheless:

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A podcast with Moonshine folks. 1 million views 😛 इस Shark Tank कंपनी ने सारे Sharks को बोला NO | Shark Tales Ep.1 ft. Moonshine Meadery - YouTube



This channel is a gold mine. Informative, interesting, and helpful.

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Here are two more documentaries: “Eating our way to Extinction” & “Limitless”. Both are available on OTT. Though Limitless is more about the power of human mind but one of the episodes is related to food. [

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NUDGE to @NithinKamath to start “Bharat WTH” podcast !

It will be some real HEALTHY competition in the family too… :slight_smile: