What is Baobab Powder?

Baobab fruit powder comes from the fruit of the baobab tree, which has been revered throughout Africa as “The Tree of Life” for centuries. It is the only fruit in the world that dries naturally on the branch. It is believed that this process of natural dehydration concentrates the nutrients in the pulp, producing one of the most nutrient-dense fruits on the planet. The fruit shell is cracked open to obtain the pulp which is sieved to obtain Arusha’s baobab powder.
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Baobab powder is 50% Dietary fiber (prebiotic in nature). It has the highest antioxidant content of any fruit, more than blueberries. Moreover, it is Rich in Vitamin C, B3, B6, and minerals including Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron. It is 100% Natural, Gluten-free, Bioavailable, Vegan, and has a low glycemic index and no preservatives.

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Baobab powder has a tangy, citrusy flavor and is a tad sweet (similar to amchur). It is versatile and can be consumed in any of the following ways -

  1. Stir with water, juice (preferably orange, mousambi, Strawberry, or apple), buttermilk, smoothies
  2. Sprinkle on salad, popcorn, or any of your favorite food
  3. Mix with yogurt, porridge…
  4. Mix with flour (we recommend 1 scoop per person per meal once a day)
  5. Try out our favorite recipe that comes inside the packet: BAOGIN

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“BAOBAB” a Natural Energy Fuel

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A Few questions here:

What is the cost differential?
Are the taste profiles similar?
Is the use-case similar to that of commercially available energy drinks?

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  1. 10gm of baobab powder costs around Rs.26 and can be mixed in a glass of water 200-250ml; Gatorade serving of 250ml costs around Rs.25.
  2. Baobab tastes citrusy like Imli and if required can be sweetened with a tsp of honey; Gatorade tastes sweet thanks to added sugar.
  3. Yes, people who have consumed baobab have experienced instant energy and reduced fatigue. Moreover, baobab is 100% raw and natural

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