Welcome to Discuss

We’ve come a long way since 2015 when we started Rainmatter

The goal has been to seed and support startups who are working on solutions that could potentially expand our shallow capital markets. In the past five years, we’ve partnered with over 20 startups that have built some unique experiences around the capital markets, now among the best in India.

Apart from fintech startups, we have recently also partnered with a few startups focusing on health and fitness, we believe that health is as important if not more when compared to money. :slight_smile: While we may not bring the same strategic value that we bring to a fintech startup, we are super passionate about working towards making India healthier.

After the many interactions with startups and teams, we realized that we need to have a platform where learnings are shared and discussed. Spot synergies and opportunities to collaborate and help each other. A platform where we can have some of the experts from our team at Zerodha or our inner circle answer your queries on tax, legal, regulatory, design, building products, tech, and more. An open forum where startups can talk about what they are doing, the challenges they face, etc. Do it all in such a way that it is open-sourced for everyone else to see and learn as well.

Introducing Discuss!

We’ll invite not just startups that we have partnered with as Rainmatter but other startups as well. We will also have folks from the investing ecosystem along with subject matter experts whenever required.

Entrepreneurial journeys are nightmarishly hard and can be lonely sometimes too. We hope that this forum leads to connections, collaborations, partnerships, and meaningfully contributes to the success of all startups.

Discuss away, :slight_smile:


A Great Initiative by Zerodha and Team… Encouraging and nurturing start ups and its idea to make India a better place … creating Leaders in India …

Pradeep Mullur