VEGAN EGG MARKET : Set to grow by USD 9 Billion by 2030 and What it means for India?

Egg being the most affordable and readily available complete protein source . It is used in multiple applications not only for nutrition also for texture and mouthfeel benefits it gives in baking applications.
Overall globally egg market is 270 Billion USD today .

Link : Egg Global Market Report 2023 - Research and Markets.

What is vegan egg ?
Protein extracted from plant sources and it tastes , and texturizes similar to egg upon cooking .

Role of eggs in baking :
In baking eggs are used for multiple purpose such as
a) Foaming - helps to increase volume of cake
b) Binding - holds together multiple ingredients
c) Coating - it acts as a barrier to keep the product moist inside
d) Glazing - provides shiny glassy finish to baked goods
e) Emulsifying - avoids the separation of oil and water example mayonnaise

Why there will be a demand for egg replacer in future?

  1. Globally shortage of eggs - because of bird flu
    Antibiotic resistance is increasing drastically

  2. Price increase - Bird flu and mass destruction of hens causing less supply and high price

What is the need for Plant based egg replacement ?

  1. Sustainable: need less resources

Global players ( few examples)

  1. Just egg :
  2. Zero egg : Plant-based egg with real taste and texture — Zero Egg: Plant-based. Real Taste.

B2B : as ingredient

  1. Kerry
  2. Innovopro
  3. Avebe

What it means for Indian market ?

  1. India exports pulses as commodity for very less price

  1. Imports more than 95% of protein concentrates and isolates for much premium cost

It is high time we create our own top notch research using our own local ingredients , technologies and manufacturing hubs to cater locally made global products.

To provide better income for farmers

To shift from commodity export to value added product export.

To build big brands with trust and superior quality.

At devigere Biosolutions ( plant based protein startup ) -

we are trying small steps to bring big change in sustainable supply , definitely look forward for the cult participating in sustainable food system development.


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