TRaiCE – an early warning loan portfolio monitoring system for lenders

  • Are you a loan portfolio manager worried about increasing delinquencies?

  • How efficient is your current portfolio monitoring system?

  • Does it measure in real-time the probability of your expected losses, focusing on individual customers in the portfolio?

  • Does it analyze each customer, provide daily reports, prioritize alerts and augment the data analysis to predict future losses?

Well, the answer is probably NO!

Quality loan origination alone is not sufficient to predict defaults. With the current economic situation, too many defaulting customers are expected.

The challenge portfolio managers face is in knowing who will be delinquent first and who should they go after first. The current options are reactive and are also operationally intensive due to a lack of data infrastructure.

Our product, TRaiCE, is an early warning loan portfolio monitoring system and it uses a proprietary self-learning algorithm augmented by alternative big data sources for early warning risk prediction and loss mitigation.

With rapid changes in the economic landscape today, it is difficult to assess the financial health of loan portfolios or manually scrutinize them in real-time.

TRaiCE automates the portfolio monitoring and provides a clear vision of your entire portfolio. It enables you to be proactive and productive through real-time analysis of behavior changes, automatic renewals, allowance calculations, and covenant management.

Happy to connect with the Rainmatter team and discuss further.

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Thank you Sony for this pitch and introduction. We will review this and reach out to you over the next few days. :slight_smile:

Hey Sony - wanted to share an update. We have reached out to a few connections in order to review this service. Will keep you posted when I hear back from them. :slight_smile: