Tips and ideas on getting better with acidity issues

I’m not entirely sure if this is applicable everywhere but in our country this is probably the most common issue (even more than diabetes) most of us face. Thanks to the current lifestyle, even young people are facing this issue. It is tricky as it leads to major health complications and suppressing this in the short run with antacids is not ideal at all.

Anybody here faced this issue? What are some of the best ways one can tackle this problem.

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Hey Meher,

I have had this issue with acidity. I kept it to myself for a long time instead of actively seeking a professional’s help. Here are the things that I did to get rid of this successfully.

  • Include a good amount of fiber in the daily diet.

  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day, at least 3.5 ltrs. More is even better.

  • Don’t have a very long gap between each meal of the day and distribute the quantity well.

I saw the results in just a week and have become very mindful of this ever since.


Hi Meher - Acidity, GERD, acid reflux, heartburn… in a very simple explanation, it is when your good stomach acid (in your gut) is low vis-a-vis the narrative given to us so far that it is due to high stomach acid. Hence antacids are prescribed, which is actually more harmful.

Our gut has both good and bad microbes and when the bad (aka pathogenic) microbes are more and prevalent over the good, is when it leads to acid reflux.

How does that happen (to keep it very simple, else there are many more lifestyle reasons):

  1. You are eating a lot of inflammatory foods (processed, ultra-processed, fried, oily, sugary, outside food with low nutrition, etc) – so the bad stuff. This also leads to infections in the gut (the bad guys) which again play a spoil sport over the good guys, because the bad guys really thrive on the inflammatory foods.
  2. Your are NOT eating enough raw materials that increases the good microbes (bacteria) and also increase the variety of different microbes, i.e pre and probiotics.

If you other health parameters are more or less ok, these would definitely help you out.