The revolution of a 30 billion dollar FemTech industry and how good UX & Service Design is enabling better healthcare for women

As a community focused on health and healthcare, I’d love to discuss femtech and its significance in designing for female health. Women experience varying biological conditions across different age ranges, and providing care for these unique needs necessitates the creation of services that cater to their bioindividuality. Here are my thoughts (based on my experience in designing for femtech) on what Femtech means and how UX and Service Design can be the game-changer we need. Download the attached pdf to go in-depth.

PS. Founders here that are designing for female health - I’d love to chat and know more about your initiatives! :slight_smile:

UX for Femtech by Ishiyetaa Sani.pdf (3.3 MB)

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Hi @Ishiyetaa, loved the nuanced. And +1 on the problem statement. We are building for the bottom 8 quintiles and that includes around 500 million. We are not focused on femtech but would like to make our UX suitable for them. For example, users’ confusion in the user journey due to occasional network drops is one of the problems that we have faced in the past.

Let me share one insight that we discovered uniquely for our target group. Most of the AI solutions are conversational based, and after the first experiment, we realised our target group is not good with conversations and after a few experiments we discovered the ideal UX for our target group.

However, we have some limitations as we build our solutions on ABDM, we must follow their guidelines. If you can take a look at the ABDM UX guidelines I would love to chat!

Hi @Suman_Jile_Health
I’m super excited about the space you’re innovating for and have insights to share from my design stints in creating diabetes management solutions for low-income groups in India + employment solutions for women in Andhra (A SERP project).

I’m revisiting ABDM guidelines as I write this and would love to connect. I tried adding you on Linkedin but faced some issue, could you please connect with me here so we can take our discussion forward? -

Looking forward!