The Need for Social Wellbeing: A Call-to-Action

‘Social Wellbeing’ is very intriguing as there is a lot of conversation around personal wellbeing… but social wellbeing is perhaps not much talked about.

I am attempting to better understand what this truly means… and came across articles highlighting alarming health trends in India and globally – 100 million diabetics in India, projections of 4 billion overweight or obese individuals worldwide in 12 years and a research that reveals that lacking social connections can be as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

With these trends, the definition of Social Wellbeing started to come alive for me especially as we are social creatures who need each other – to be with others, around others and connected to others -

  • We are looking for good physical health and positive meaningful social relationships
  • Social wellbeing enables us to take care of our own wellness while also making a difference to those around us
  • Social wellbeing helps respond better to stress, have fewer health issues, maintain a more positive outlook and healthier lifestyle

It appears that if leaders, policy makers, employers, healthcare professionals and individuals integrate this into their strategies, policies and actions the world would be a healthier and happier place.

I am attempting to build a technology platform to facilitate physical and mental wellbeing via collective activity and it would be great to connect with anyone who has experience, viewpoint or suggestions on this… i can be reached on [email protected] and 9820222033.