The Duolingo for Finance

Bored of finance blogs? Feel like skipping the long YouTube videos? Try Fingo!

What do we do?

We are building Duolingo for Finance! To make learning finance fun and easy.
Currently, there are 500+ chapters live, each only 3-4 minutes long. These chapters are then followed by fun quizzes to engage the user and help retain the information.

Whom are we building Fingo for?

We are building for the 16 - 25 age group, though the solution can help anyone who wishes to learn.

What pain do they have that we’re solving for them?

  • Most young adults (including myself) have shorter attention spans.
  • We wish to learn but with minimal effort.
  • Do you think many of us would be reading long investing blogs :face_with_peeking_eye:?
  • Of the some who do read blogs, many drop off midway because they don’t know the meaning of a particular jargon and lose the context to read further.
  • Videos/Youtube can be a good way to learn, but the retention of new topics is low.

How does Fingo solve the problem?

  • Shorter, jargon-free chapters that require only 3 minutes to complete (so minimal effort).
  • Quizzes to make it engaging and increase retention of new topics learned (2nd most loved feature among our test users.)
  • Gamify the learning process (inspired by Duolingo) through daily streaks, badges to show off on social media, leaderboards, etc. to retain the users and make sure they feel like coming back to learn.
  • Topics range from how to open a bank account to how to analyze a banking stock.

Our Mission

  • Make learning finance fun and easy for all.

  • NOBODY disses their school because they were not taught personal finance there! :rofl:


  • Sneh Kagrana (Me) - Cleared CFA L3, writing investing blogs for 3 years, have also written YT scripts for an Indian stockbroker with over 1.9M subscribers (can you guess it?).

  • Harshit Sureka - IIT Guwahati ‘23, SWE at Google, and an amazing backend coder!

Help we need from Zerodha - Rainmatter

  • We are a team of only 2 people right now, me (writing content, product, and a little frontend) and my friend who takes care of the backend - so we are short of resources.

  • Because we are short on resources, we are not able to ship and test features at the speed we wish to (it does not mean we would burn through cash even if we had it).

  • Improve our content - who better to help us improve our content, and understand the user better than folks at Varsity (Karthik and team) and Finshots!?

  • Get users - We (GenZ) want something social and enjoy being part of a strong community. Building such a community will either take a lot of time or a substantial marketing budget. Being part of Rainmatter would solve a big part of this problem at a minimal cost.

  • And of course, there are so many things we don’t know. Having mentorship would help us.

Hope this pitch was enjoyable and you don’t curse me for taking your 3 minutes on a weekend!

Try out the web app here:

[Please do share your feedback. We are a young team, it will help us do better.]


PS: Karthik helped me connect with Sagar, but yet to hear from him. Sagar if you are reading this, please check your inbox.

Hi Sneh,

We will get back to you on this. Please allow us a couple of days.


  1. Got accepted to Nights and Weekend Season 4.

  2. Made the following changes based on user feedback:

  • Improvements in login and register pages (by our estimates 60-70% of users dropped off here due to some issue during creating an account).
  • Landing Page revamped!


  • Get more users and user feedback.
  • Refine our content.
  • Front-end changes on the main web app.

If you haven’t tried yet, go have a look at:

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Hi Sneh! I think I saw this on Twitter previously. I see big improvement in the ui/ux since Itried it a couple of weeks back. Tbh, I didn’t feel like signing up on the previous version looking at the ui/ux. So great job there. I read the banking sector part and found it comprehensive and well written. For quizzes, they were fun. But see how you can make them more interactive because I think quizzes might add a lot to the learning. For ui/ux improvement, I suggest putting the daily streak counter on the navigation bar or changing the way it appears. Make dark mode available on the landing page as well. Make the search bar more prominent, that is a very good feature and needs to be highlighted.

Will be completing the banking part soon. All the best to you guys!

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Hi Rupesh!

First Version: Glad you liked the new changes. Well, we too did not like the first version very much :rofl:. But as Reid Hoffman says “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” So we have been continuously making changes and improving based on what our users are telling us. Plus, even though I had experience coding with python, this was my on-the-job learning react js, design etc. So your feedback has encouraged a newbie :face_holding_back_tears:. PS: We also pushed new changes on the home page, info cards, and quiz cards today. Do check it out.

Interactive Quizzes: Absolutely agree with you. We are working on making it more interactive. Let me give you a sneak peak of what we are planning to implement.
Drag and Drop video

UI/UX improvements + Search Box: Definitely noted your suggestions. For the search box, as well, will be updating it (better search + UI) and placing it appropriately.

Also, while reading if you feel you are not having fun or there is some mistake, let us know through ‘contact us’. We will make it better. Meanwhile, we will keep working on refining our content and making it more engaging.

Thank you a lot for using Fingo and taking out time to give us feedback. Gratitude :pray:.


@karthikrangappa, if you haven’t checked this thread :slight_smile:


Ah yes, missed it :slight_smile:

Had connected @sneh_kagrana to Sagar and team. Let me check this in the coming week. @Sagar_Gudekote can we get on a call with @sneh_kagrana ?

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Yep. Have already scheduled for this week.


Web App Update

  • UI improvements, re-did the home page, more cleaner look and better navigation.
  • Implemented the next step towards gamification with XP points for users.
  • A stat box on the home page (users felt more motivated to continue if they saw their stats on the dashboard.)

Sorry for the poor quality, there was a 4MB limit.

demo1 (1)

Hey @sneh_kagrana Pretty interesting idea. My name is Dharmesh Ba. I’m a behavioral researcher and have done a bit of study around how Indians invest and save through my field studies.

I would love to help you with user feedback if you are open to. You can check out my writing on design and user insights here


@dharmeshba Hey Dharmesh! I obviously recognize you (and India Notes) from your writeup on a Swiggy delivery agent from Banaras and his journey. Edit: just realized the Sri Mandir UX breakdown was also done on India Notes - loved reading this one as well!

Would definitely like to take your help! Here is my Twitter: and email: [email protected]