Some country wise health data!

The below is based on infographics generated from Ultrahuman ring users ( cutoff 500 users per geo ):
Posting data and leaving here for interpretation:

  1. Avg sleep HRV: Higher is better and linked to all cause mortality and well-being:

  2. Night time Resting heart rate: Lower is better and linked to cardiovascular health:

  3. Sleep duration: More is better. Sleep is fundamental to health :slight_smile:

  4. Steps count: More is better.

  5. REM sleep %: More is better. Higher REM means better memory and lesser risk of neurodegenerative disorders.

It’s crazy how much our environment and economic conditions play role in our health and well-being.


Where does India score in the first 3 points? :slight_smile:

Also the X axis is missing here (the %'s). Can you maybe reshare the image?

Ah yes. I think the image got clipped. Sorry for that. Attached again.
India seems to be in the bottom quadrant for all sleep related markers ( just above Middle East and few SEA countries ). From an activity / movement perspective ( steps data ) , India’s the lowest overall. Guess we need to move more :slight_smile:

What was the duration of tracking? Because Russians are sleeping more than Indians even during the adversity :slight_smile:

Even with a higher sleep HRV , the quality of REM sleep in Indians is lower than Americans :slight_smile:

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