Snack Amor - health food and 4PM snacking

Hello All, We are excited to introduce you to Snack Amor, our health food and 4PM snack brand. Snack Amor has been established with a vision to transform 4PM snacking by offering a unique combination of tasty, better-for-you, nutrition packed and affordable snacking varieties.

Pls check us out on We would be delighted if you could join us in our mission to contribute to a healthier and happier India!

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I wasn’t able to find the Nutritional facts for any of your products on the website. How does one find out?


Thanks for your revert. Our website has many combo packs and multiple SKUs listed. You can find nutritional info for single SKU listed on website itself. See example link below

But still if you are unable to trace it for specific products, just email me on [email protected] and will send you the same


Some of us gathered at the office yesterday and got hold of the parcel your team sent. We got to taste the variety of snacks provided; the taste was intriguing. Specifically, we all went bonkers over the Strawberry bites; they tasted so good that we were puzzled if they could be healthy. Not sure if this can be my portion-control healthy snack because I binged them all in one go. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, we noticed some snacks appeared processed and left an oily residue on our fingers, like the corn puffs in the market. It would be great if we could understand the manufacturing process for it. Overall collective feedback from our team is that the snacks were yummy, but more transparency on the ingredients list, like added sugar, would help all the health buffs here choose better. :slight_smile:

Hi Kulsum, Many thanks and delighted with this feedback! I have explained our ‘better-for-you’ product approach in detail to some of your colleagues. In general, when food products are formulated in the 4PM snacking range a number of aspects such as enhanced shelf life, superior taste delivery, texture, sensory etc all have to be kept in mind to offer an enhanced consumer experience. Some ingredients you have mentioned help in imparting these critical aspects to food, the idea is how we can minimize these in proportion, and that is what we follow. Also as a process we Bake all our products and never fry so they cut out the undesired saturated Fats, Tran fats, Cholesterol and reduce these by over 50-70% as compared to mass market junked snacks. By adding wholegrains like Millets and removing Maida we increase the nutritive values and protein by 40-50% vs traditional snacks

Once again, we are really glad you appreciated our products and your feedback has helped us a great deal!

Many thanks