Slow adoption rates in employee-wellbeing - quick poll

There is a lot of conversation on social channels that active employees are more engaged and productive at work. Yet we see slow adoption rates within companies for structured, year-round programs with the objective of building communities of active employees. ActHive is attempting to build a technology platform to address this need and would appreciate inputs via this quick poll. Thank you.

What challenges do companies face in creating and implementing physical and mental wellbeing programs for their employees?

  1. Lack of leadership commitment
  2. Limited resources and budgets
  3. Resistance to new initiatives
  4. Lack of employee participation



In my experience:
a. Focussing on quality instead of quantity would go a long way. Ensuring this message that the company has a policy of few but focussed programs that the company would encourage employees to participate in at the time of joining itself would help for new employees.

b. I have seen in my past companies at PUMA and Discovery where I’d long-ish stints that leadership being gung-ho about certain initiatives is the lead indicator of whether an engagement activity would work or not. And this begins right at the CEO level. If the CEO is excited about something, he / she can drive that participation all throughout.

I feel lack of leadership commitment can be chiselled down further to ‘CEO Commitment’. That’s the needle-mover.

Thanks for your inputs and I appreciate the refinement… yes, its really for the CEO to drive such a mindset/change. In my experience, such programs often start with the right intention, however if the CEO is not committed (and driving things) they end up being a one-off event.

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