Protein Startups with a Fresh Spin

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In the past few days, I have been on a personal quest to find the perfect protein brand that promises not just nutrition but a taste adventure as well. During my search, I stumbled upon these 4 brands:

Each one caught my eye with their unique designs and fresh approaches to nutrition.Curious to dive deeper and learn more about their products.

These brands are reinventing the protein space and turning heads, particularly among the Gen Z crowd leveraging the power of good design, storytelling, and social media engagement to reach their audiences.

I’ll try to connect with these companies and gain a deeper understanding of their products in the coming days.

What about you? Have you come across any protein startups with a unique approach?

Let me know below :point_down:


Have been using MuscleBlaze for about a year but recently started feeling a bit of gut issues probably because of the protein.

Paras Chopra did a deep research on protein brands in India, I think ON was at the top. I’m looking to see if whole truth launches a protein powder, would go for it without a doubt.

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Tried Protein Water from Aquatein, tasted good - 21g whey protein.

Not so startup - liked Amul’s Protein Buttermilk, tasted good - 15g protein for ₹25 only!


@Sagar_Gudekote one of the most important aspect in selecting a good protein powder brand is to ensure it is hydrolysed and if possible it contains enzymes. These will help break down protein into amino acids for faster, better and easier absorption and nutrition. Majority of times regular proteins powders don’t get fully broken down and digested by the body (due to multiple reasons, one such being gut dysbiosis aka weak gut). In the process, this also put unnecessary pressure on the kidneys to flush out the undigested proteins.


I’d come across a pitch of Gladful once that seemed promising and the one protein brand that I hear is becoming familiar in the running circles is Nakpro. When I’d consulted my nutritionist while I was working on a strength-gain plan earlier this year, she too came up with Nakpro. It seemed like they were doing something right in tapping the right folks.

I’d never had protein powder as a supplement before (I am 40) but my transition felt smooth. I’ve been using Nakpro for close to 6 months now and would happily recommend it.

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Hi Sagar,

Greetings from IIPL.

The problem with today’s fast paced life is, general population does not have time to real detailing on foods. So, they aren’t using their brain enough to dig deep on the science of fooding. In order to have a quick fix, they are following a celebrity nutritionist/dietician/medical doctor to the tee & adopting the protocols as part of convenience. They aren’t doing substantial critical thinking on the base of the root cause of the health challenges they are facing. So, many times in this Instagram day & age, authentic domain experts with critical thinking are getting lost in the noise!

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Arnab Guha
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Thank you Anurag, learned something new! Is there a way to figure out (sign or symptom) the digestion issue and ensure there is no extra load on the kidneys? I checked the protein powder I use (MyProtein) and found no information related to being hydrolyzed (likely it is not).

Or using hydrolysed protein is the best way to prevent this problem?

@sneh_kagrana, the most common signs of protein indigestion are increased bloating / gas (heaviness or uneasiness after protein shakes for a longer period than usual), swelling and inflammation, cramps for some.

Apart from hydrolysed protein, you can also consider increasing upon your stomach acid (Hydrochloric acid - HCL, which activates enzymes to break down proteins and foods) and digestive enzymes.

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Thank you for the suggestions, Anurag!

You should check the following

  1. Dehydrated sprouts -
  2. Ready to eat protein rich foods -
  3. Plant protein brand -
  4. Plant based paneer -