Onboarding health food brands on Wildermart - an AI based health food discovery store


I am the founder of www.wildermart.com

We are an AI powered heathy foods discovery store going live in Sep 2023. We use AI to match the right product to the right customer health need/goal - thereby giving a deeply personalised experience to every shopper. Every shopper’s store looks uniquely different now. This gives every food product a fair chance at being discovered by the right customer.

The vendors terms are simple - 10% marketplace margin, 15% customer discount, drop ship (15% earmarked for the same). Thereby giving you 60% net revenue. No hidden terms.

If you are a healthy food brand, reach out to me at [email protected]. Hurry, coz we are launching soon!


Hi @thakurtho, not from the Rainmatter team. Asking out of curiosity, what are the data points of customers you collect/request to make it personalized?

If we find the method effective, we might become a partner - especially since we are only building for the bottom 90% of Indians. You will have access of a large consumer base at zero CAC.


This sounds very interesting and very generous terms on your part. I will write to Shweta. In the meantime do check out our product here : http://yacon.in/

Frankly, I was sceptical about writing this (the team might find it rude) :grimacing:, however, as I consider myself a Rainmatter team, I have to write this: I really think, you should also start a Health food category on ONDC. If you would like to keep your sellers exclusively that is great, in that case only create a buyers node and add that into your channels - Web and Mobile.

In this way, your users will have access to ONDC’s sellers related to Health food.

I wrote about ONDC on Grove a few months back.

For example, a few days back, I saw DitchTheGuilt’s ad on Instagram. In the past, occasionally, I have searched for food items on ONDC using the Paytm app. If the DitchTheGuilt had been on the ONDC, they might have got a customer at zero CAC. Of course, on Paytm, there would be no personalization like WilderMart.

The bottom line is that ONDC might not seem disruptive but it is already disrupting many aspects of traditional e-commerce.

Hi Suman,

I am running Yog4Lyf, a yoga based health and wellness platform.

Can digital services be also onboarded on ONDC. If yes could you please provide some guiding documents?

Hi Vishal, Thanks for sharing.
Based on my current knowledge, ONDC is for physical products and services but I can be wrong. Allow me some time, I shall get back to you. Also, I will install Yog4Lyf App :slight_smile:


Hi @vishal.iitr2003 - ONCD started listing non-physical products - financial products - for now, but core digital products are yet to be get listed.