Nikhil's Cherry Blossom plan

  1. It’s good to hear Nikhil plans to plant 10K cherry blossom trees

  2. It’s good that this is February because next month is March and many trees will start blossoming.

  3. But today is still February and many streets in bangalore are littered with falling leaves as the trees prepare for a colorful March.

  4. Unfortunately many RWAs and even BBMP workers just set fire to the fallen leaves - RWAs compost dry leaves, but they still burn in street corners  

  5. We got a Rs. 60K machine from to take care of the fallen leaves from the tree in front of our house.

  6. Me and my spouse have been spending 2 hours every day taking care of the leaves from a single tree.

  7. This is a labour intensive, space intensive, capital intensive task that can’t be handled without some organization from government, RWA, ngos and every citizen.

  8. We have heard of the koramangala 3rd block RWA initiative - search kora3bcompost on google.

Would be good hear some plans from everyone on how to handle February every year in bangalore. The labour, captial, space to handle the leaf fall as the trees prepare for a March blossom. (Plans that don’t involve setting leaves to fire)


Fallen leaves are used as mulch , turned into compost, its called black gold. Sometime back I’d heard of an app that put together folks with leaves with the folks that wanted the leaves. Maybe try something similar.

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