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I was trying to find out professional help to deal with anxiety. I have had the experience with three therapists for the past three years, and looking for a change in approach and came across Lissun.

My first therapist was suggested to me by a friend, and the therapist was an individual consultant who practices at his clinic and also over a call. I, obviously consulted over a call without my knowledge it was already an introductory session and I was charged freaking 5000 rupees and was put on medication. I felt bamboozled and didn’t opt for a follow-up. In a couple of months, my anxiety started to bother me more. After actively following the educational content on Instagram by a licensed therapist, I decided to give it another try. After around three to four sessions in it with her, I couldn’t decipher if she remembers any parts of my story or the discussions I had with her. It came to me as a surprise as my fitness coach travels an extra mile and remembers the details of my life I share with him and uses each of them to push me forward but my therapist, who I expect it from couldn’t.

I took a break from it and tried to self-motivate, but the severity of my anxiety only grew worse and hurt my hormonal balance, my nerves started to pain across my left shoulder to my forearm, felt breathless at times, my weight increased drastically and, all of this made me feel more helpless and one day I tried to try another session of therapy, this time from a therapist under an organization rather than a private consultant. Cadabams had a short-term tie-up with my organization and I approached them directly over a call, they were kind enough to pass the call on to a counselor who assessed my requirements and suggested me a therapist, and helped me register and book a session online. The experience with this therapist was good, I had a dozen of sessions, and learned to self-regulate the anxiety to a greater extent that it felt like an elephant-sized bag of depression has been lifted off my back and my fitness, hormonal condition, vitamin profile had improved a lot in a span of 9 months. Much thankful to Udisha.

I’m away from therapy for a few months, doing well in many aspects of life, however, there are some residual aspects yet to be worked on and these are holding my anxiety levels higher than required. After enough drag, I’ve decided to take up a session at Lissun as I came across them through a colleague and I’m here sharing brief feedback.

Lissun is a platform where individuals seeking expert help can take consultations over a one-on-one video session or chat with a therapist over a chat. The platform hosts a roster of therapists who hold the expertise and practice in one or more among Clinical Psychology, Counselling, Psychiatry, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy.

Consulting a therapist is smooth and straightforward, on the app and the website, one can opt for a therapist filtering the list based on experience, price per session, Language, and category which is the domain of expertise. Pricing ranges from 700 to 2500, which is fair. The list suffixes the therapists’ profiles with their educational qualifications, which helps add to the trust. I’ve hovered around their website and mobile application to find resources where one can assess their stress, anxiety, and depression levels through a questionnaire. They also have content that educates one on mental health, and relevant topics. However, while few articles are nicely written, few a just placards. Probably this section needs more work. The mobile app needs more work as the UI/UX feels underworked at places. The app also lacks the provision to reach customer support, one has to visit their website to figure out how to contact them. Video meet hosting still has room for improvement, especially at Cadabams where I had multiple instances of delayed sessions and rescheduling owing to software hiccups.

The session with the therapist, Ritika Bhutani was a decent experience, given my experience interacting with therapists over the past few years, I wouldn’t say this if I am not pleased with the approach, the questions posed, the aspects of my story the therapist emphasized on weren’t helping me dig through my thoughts deeper. Therapy isn’t a one-time solution, it takes multiple sessions over time where the therapist helps the clients correct the thought process and build confidence and self-worth through actions, medication isn’t opted for unless deemed an emergency. By the end of the session, I am looking forward to future sessions to work on my anxiety with her which wasn’t the case in the past when I was opting for consecutive two-three sessions only to see if I can trust the therapist.

I’m unaware of their onboarding process for therapists, Ritika has 10 years of experience, and Lissun hosts therapists with a minimum of 1 year of experience, I doubt if there is any upper limit as I happened to see a therapist’s profile honoring 45 years of practice. Lissun also provides packages with multiple sessions at a discounted price, also with an expiry, an interesting approach that I didn’t find on Cadabams. However, Cadabams being a hospital has a plethora of wellness services and treatments along with an offline presence across major cities and a 24/7 helpline.

Mental health has traveled a great distance through awareness across social media and corporates turning considerate. Online consultation through trusted hospitals/platforms like Cadabams, Lissun is another step forward in the right direction.

It can probably help a few more individuals if we can use this thread to share more experiences and learnings on mental health. Cheers! :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your story.

In the interest of helping folks who might have trouble narrowing down on a mental health professional, here’s an open source list made by the good folks at TISS. I have personally consulted four different therapists from here over the past 9 years at least (yes, this has been in circulation that long and well, what can I say, I was an early bloomer! :rofl:) and had a decent experience every single time.

Friends who I shared this with too have felt the same. The good thing is this list is divided by areas that people specialise in. Two of my early learnings here were:

  1. Narrow your shortlist down to experts in the area you’re struggling in. This sheet lists specialities of different experts.
  2. If your first experience isn’t good enough for you to believe in the practise, do try again and again until you find someone who you feels ‘gets’ you.
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Hi @Shalem - it has been observed that Mental illness leads to changes in human health vitals/indicators.

We have recently trained (In the improvement phase) an AI model that can create a “Source of Truth” for payers. We have tested that with a few users, however, we need to test that with many more users. I was wondering do you have your health vitals/indicators during your therapy time.

You can read and watch the demo of assessment here:

If you do,would you like to share a few of those Health vitals/indicators?

Hey Suman,

I did have a change in my vitals when I consulted my 3rd therapist for over 4 months. However, I would say that the credit also goes to the medication and change in my physical routine and diet during the period.

Prior to those sessions, I was depressed, going through severe anxiety, was inactive, and my testosterone, Vit D, and Iron were deficient, and my thyroid was imbalanced.

And while going through the sessions, I hired a fitness coach who put me through a macro-balanced diet. I have done resistance training 5 days a week, played badminton 4 days a week, and slept 8 hours a day.

Thanks, Shalem. Sure helpful. :slight_smile: