Medication Management

Medication Management is one of the biggest challenges globally as well as in India. With a growing disease burden of non communicable diseases, ageing India population (19-20 Cr elderly by 2030), abysmal health insurance penetration in India, lifestyle challenges and increased healthcare costs, the risk of medication non compliance is huge. The elderly population often forget to take their medication as they are often away from their families and there’s no one to remind them, the busy lives of caregivers make it even more difficult to ensure that they take their meds on time. Improved health outcomes and better control of chronic conditions can be achieved if patients take their meds on time as prescribed by their doctors. This also reduces the risk of adverse events and unnecessary hospitalisation. The need of the hour is solutions and aids that help alert, remind and notify users and caregivers on medication compliance.

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Hey @anupkumar

Was going through your website seems interesting.

Can you name some big players in the US who have solved or are trying to solve something similar? Also, are there any ancillary businesses in the same field, either existing or potential ones you can think of?

Hi Sagar, Thanks. There are quite a few players globally who are trying to address this problem. MedMinder, Pillsy, Koninklijke Philips, Medipense, Adheretech etc. They have a mix of smart pillboxes and pill dispensers. These are quite expensive to buy, hence subscription models are quite common. Hospitals and Insurance firms drive this usage largely in the US and other countries. There are medication reminder apps, medication adherence programs through pharmacies and insurance companies and services provided by elder care organisations.

However, India does not have any of these solutions although a few smart pillbox imports priced Rs. 4000/- onwards is available online. Our solution, PILLMEISTER, is the first of its kind in India with a simple purpose - Alert> Remind>Notify, to make sure users and caregivers can control the process. It is also very affordable to users at Rs. 2966/- plus GST. The APP is feature rich and free to us. People can easily monitor the medication compliance of family members.

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