LifeX - A Social Network for CHANGE MAKERS around the WORLD

Hi @NithinKamath & Rainmatter team, this is Venkat, we are building an app called LifeX.
LifeX is a new-age social network beyond Like Comment Share,
We envision a social network that can be a force for good with a design like

THE PROBLEM: The world population exceeded 8 billion in numbers & around 2 billion people are living in poverty. Which means 1 in every 4 individuals are living in poverty.

Human species have come a long way from being the daily hunters in the jungles to the civilized space. LifeX believes in a civilized world where every citizen is privileged enough to live a life with dignity.

They don’t have to struggle for survival as their ancestors did in the stone age. The 21st century is not an age of hunting for bread on a daily basis. Rather, the struggle has to be for enhancing the skill set, dreaming big and searching for the individual purpose of life along with building a future for oneself and the world.

THE SOLUTION: In every 4 individuals, 3 need to take care of that 1 person who is living in poverty until he/she becomes self-sustaining.

These 3 individuals could be anyone from these 6 billion who are leading a good life. We can call them the “ChangeMakers“. But how could these 6 billion people contribute to the 2 billion people who are living in poverty?

There are obvious questions. While the 6 billion people have their lives, families and jobs, how practical would it be for them to allocate time and resources? How can they make sure it reaches the right people and what’s the way to measure the progress? Besides, how does this work?

Welcome to LifeX - A Social Network for CHANGE MAKERS.

I have mailed the entire product details, vision and execution plans of LifeX through the pitch deck at [email protected]. Hope to hear from you soon &
Join us in making this world as idealistic as we could dream.

Thank you!
Team LifeX.

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What is the problem that these change-makers face? How does LifeX solve for those pain points?

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@bizaditya , Thank you for asking the right questions it gives me an opportunity to express what LifeX is all about.

  • How can we measure an individual’s (change maker) contribution to the world?

  • How can we acknowledge the change makers’ contributions?

  • How can we motivate the same change-maker to contribute again and also how can we motivate someone to become a change-maker?

If you can’t measure, if u can’t acknowledge, and if you can’t motivated to contribute again at a large scale how can any change-maker get to know the impact of his good deeds? how can we create more change-makers in the world?

So if we measure and acknowledge the change makers’ contributions he/she gets to know their contributions are helping someone so he/she will be motivated to contribute (its not money at all) again and that acknowledgement is seen by people and at least a few of them might inspire to take action to contribute and they will also become change makers and get acknowledged to inspire the next,

So the loop will continue and the data will get generated to measure each change-maker’s contributions that data is to honour their life contributions and whenever they need help we need to serve back them that’s what LifeX do to recognise and measure the contributions of any individual or organisation.

why this is so important is, There are many great people in history who went unnoticed. Unfortunately, we would never know about their lives and the great efforts that made it possible to breathe this day as it is, some of them may be struggling today to just survive their life, they might be someone in the poverty zone around 2 billion people are living.

Imagine them having a LifeX profile (if Lifex existed before) so that we could have seen their contribution and become aware of what inspires them to go to a great extent to do great things for others and now we will be honouring them by serving them back.

In the 21st century, we cannot afford to lose those great people’s stories because we need more changemakers now than ever not to fight wars but to make people aware of our daily choices in life as consumers and as citizens of the planet as climate change becoming a danger than all the wars because it is beyond our capacity to be reversed, [ and 2023 still poverty existed and people are dying on streets for just lack of food. by looking sky and dreaming big we reach Mars but on the ground, we are ignoring people who are dying, they just need some resources and some assistance may be some motivation to get back to their feet again, and we are ignoring it, not because we are bad people just there is no simple mechanism to contribute that problem to solve it. this is why LifeX is born to create a simple mechanism to solve some of the world’s hardest problems (SDGs).]

At LifeX, we identify young & talented Changemakers of our times and their respective Organisations. We recognise them, reward them & connect them with other individual passionate changemakers and organisations across the globe to maximize their impact worldwide and by providing a SOCIAL NETWORK super app that allows them to connect, serve and impact in one place.

We generated huge data around SDGs, For instance, if a change maker like Nithin starts a foundation like Rainmatter to get to word out about what he cares about and why it is important now he starts an awareness campaign regarding climate change we push that content worldwide to the change makers and users who are by choice subscribed to SDG 13 climate change,
in that campaign, Rainmatter Foundation might have some smart solutions to share with the world about climate change awareness and some other organisations will adopt those solutions and implement them in their region to create more impact and vice versa.

So that’s how we help change makers to " measure their impact" and get "acknowledged and serve back " and “connect with the world of change-makers and organisations” which is the Lifex platform is exclusive for them and they can reach young people directly through SDGs to promote their sustainable campaigns and products also.

Thank you,
Team LifeX.


  • If there were no Sensible or Good Men in history what would have happened today?

I mean if there were more cruel men like Hitler, Stalin, and Saddam Hussein who have influenced the death toll of millions in history and fewer good men like Gandhi, Ambedkar, and Nelson Mandela who shared the best of human values. Without the existence of such good men, do you think the world would have been the same today?

  • if there are no Sensible or Good Men today what would happen to our future?

I mean if the men who are in power and business are not recognising the threats of climate change, violation of human rights (like Manipur incidents), inequalities in the society, in general, the urgency of SDGs, if they ignore these causes do you think the future is safe?

  • How important is it to transform our kids and young people into Sensible or Good Men? How we are going to do that, what examples do we have, and what are the platforms or options they have to become an ideal human .

Just think about it,
I’m curious to know your perspectives about the future.