Introducing ImStrong


What we do:
We are building a modern day digital studio for fitness & yoga trainers around the world.

Why we built ImStrong
We are making it easier for fitness & yoga trainers to deliver digital first online fitness experience and reach out to millions of fitness enthusiasts.
Fitness seekers can now experience convenient & personalised fitness sessions from their favourite trainers anytime, anywhere.

The founders are repeat entrepreneurs and are passionate about using technology to help people stay fit.

Dilip is an active endurance sports enthusiast and qualified for Boston Marathon in 2019. Less than 4% male runners in the world qualify for this race. Previously led business growth for at Signzy (fintech) and co-founder at Inolyst (legaltech) which was acquired by Lexorbis.

Selvan is a long distance runner and have deep engineering background in audio/video streaming and worked with multiple technology startups in India and US eg. Bluejeans network and Amagi media. He was a founder at Bitstat technologies (fintech) whose product IP and assets are acquired by Frankfurt based financial services company.

We are a small team of engineers, hackers & hustlers. Always looking to add more to our team. This is why you join us



Thank you Dilip for this intro. And welcome to Discuss!

I am sure your experience in setting up digital and personalised platforms will help a lot of folks pitching their ideas. :slight_smile: