How fit are you? A simple test to know your strength, flexibility & mobility

A simple test to know your strength, flexibility & mobility. Applicable to everyone.
It’s called the sit & rise test.

This is the research All rise now — just how fit are you? - Harvard Health

Put a scoring to yourself.
If you can get up without the use of support or losing balance you get a perfect 10.
You lose a point if:

  • You place your hands on floor
  • Need support
  • Touch knee to the ground
  • Lose balance
  • Support yourself on your side of the leg

You get 0 points if you can’t do this at all.

As you age, you need more muscular strength & flexibility to remain injury and pain free.

Made a demonstration video here

How was the test? :slight_smile:

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I scored a perfect 10, but I don’t really know if this is the right test for me to know my strengths. Can barely do 2 pull ups, breathless when I run for more than 2 minutes straight, and I can hardly lift any heavy weights :sob:

They also call it the longetivity test.
So :+1: for the 10er :blush:

This is depressing. I can’t do this. :sob:

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Let’s keep this thread going

This is the Iron Knee Challenge. Shared by @karthikrangappa. Squat University on Instagram: "Can you pass?🤔 . Shout out @dr.dan_dpt for the original video👍🏼"

I took the test. Here’s me

How was it for others? :slight_smile:


OMG! Your legs look ripped :gorilla:. I tried the test, I think I only got the squat part right :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It’s called the old man test :blush:. But can be taken by anyone who isn’t yet.

Here’s what you need to do

Let’s go!

Yayy :+1:t4: can do both … though being fit is a continuous WIP journey!

This was super easy for me. I don’t know whether all these years of doing all my household chores on my own has helped me excel in this task ; )

I will tell you what was more difficult. I was seated in one place on the floor trying to finish a piece & meet a tight deadline. It is peak summer & I live in hot, humid BOM without an AC. So, today morning I sat on the cool floor in a west-facing room, laptop in hand totally focussed on the job on hand. Eventually 4+ hours later when I had sent the final mail & wanted to get up, I swayed a bit & it took me a few seconds to find my balance while getting up. I think sitting on the floor for a bit & then getting up could be a tad more difficult than being in motion continuously- squatting down & getting up instantaneously… May be it has something to do with Newton’s laws of motion. :upside_down_face:

Would you guys be game for trying this (no no of course not for 4 hours)? Try at your own risk!

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All three were easy. Found a dance move for the first one. :joy:

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In light of fitness tests, here’s the FBI fitness test.

Could You Pass the FBI Fitness Test? | BODi.

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This is a new tool to calculate body composition at home . It’s in beta now.

Compared the results with an actual DEXA scan and the results were just 5-10% off both. For a Mobile app, thats decent :slight_smile:

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Quiet cool, I used some old pictures and thought the results were fairly accurate. The protein recommendation seemed exceptionally high, ~ 2.45 gms/kilo (I’d keyed in my weight as 72). Same case with you?

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They are using a standard recommendation formula :slight_smile: Mine is also a similar ratio.

The DEXA also had a recommendation which is different. See attached.

I feel the macronutrients adjustment is very personalised and the softwares are using a fixed variable ranges to make conclusion and not accurate.

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Cooper test is on the radar for most folks.

  1. This test is a measure of aerobic fitness, so it’s important to build up your endurance by doing regular cardio workouts. Can be running, cycling, or swimming.

  2. Practice running for 12 minutes: The test requires you to run for that duration straight, so it’s a good idea to practice running before the test if you have never run before.

  3. Must do’s
    -Make sure you get enough sleep and rest before the test
    -Warm up properly: Before starting the test, make sure you warm up properly to avoid injuries.

  • Stay hydrated the previous day and before the test.
  • Fuel your body: Eat a healthy meal with carbs and protein a few hours before the test.

The copper test is also a good way to find your VO2max.

VO2max = (22.351 x kilometers) - 11.288

This is a good tool


For folks who prefer walking, there is a UKK Walk test

  • Walk 2 kilometers on a level surface or treadmill as fast as possible.
  • Record the time taken and the heart rate at the end of the test (you can carry a pulse oximeter etc)


VO2Max= 184.9 – 4.65 x (time in minutes) – 0.22 x
(heartbeat) – 0.26 x (age) – 1.05 x (BMI)


VO2Max=116.2 – 2.98 x (time in minutes) – 0.11 x
(heartbeat) – 0.14 x (age) – 0.39 x (BMI)

Refer the attached table for fitness level