Find Your Reason

At 51, I’m no spring chicken and nope I’m not in the race to meet hot chicks even though i do welcome the attention ( if and rarely when that i do get some). I believe that my little success in terms of my transformation these last few years from a round obese man that weighed 94 kilos at 38 years old to 71 kilos and 51 years strong was not because i became more disciplined, but more because i fell in love with the journey that i embarked upon.

A lot of us go through a positive transformation, get stronger, fitter, and healthier but a lot of us all fall back in the trap of letting go and going back to their old selves. This I believe happens because we are not able to put our newfound riches to good use. Human psyche demands that we stay competitive, play out of our comfort zones and experiment with unchartered platforms be it a marathon, obstacle race, triathlon, or just playing competitive sport in a local Sunday league. People who enjoy running, for example, when they start getting healthier fall in love with the concept of pushing their endurance levels and this love further strengthens them where some even become ultra marathon runners.

Personally, in my case I stayed on the path to get fitter because I got the chance to play football every weekend. It was by no means a highly competitive league but for me the kick was seeing how I found it easier to last 90 minutes versus my teammates who all happened to be decades younger. This kick coupled with a crazy competitive streak in me kept me focussed and honest. This, even on the days I felt like a 2-ton slab of stone with every body part aching on account of an extreme HIIT workout or an 800-calorie strength and cardio workout- not ideal for most of us but worked for me simply because I knew what I was chasing. Today my goal is not bringing body fat down to sub 10 but running in international competitions where I can finish ahead of others.

The journey of self-exploration, the continuous search for more answers to getting stronger even as I age, the fascination with what people around me are achieving and a belief that old doesn’t mean weak ! I love the thought i can keep getting better, that my competition is me, that I can not only still play football but also play it decently, all because of the stamina that I have built these last few years. This change that I am seeing in myself which has led me to being more competitive in sport, being calmer in stress laden external situations that come with running large participative events, the confidence that I have in myself that whatever the competition or sport, I will finish no matter what. This is that secret sauce that keeps me going.

Basically what I am saying is that if you want to enjoy the journey you have embarked upon, its important to look beyond vanity factors, critical that you are not stuck on fitness which only translates into you showing off 4 or6packs. Because chasing these goals in the long run is neither sustainable nor enjoyable. Find YOUR reason, find that high, because without this you are starting on a path of getting fitter but with mojo that will run out before you know it. Life is short but life is beautiful, you can and you will exceed your own expectations if you can enjoy the fruits of your labour playing a sport, running the Devils Circuit, playing Sunday league football or travelling the world for participative sporting events.

So yes, Find that reason and you will never look behind !!


At 56, I am as fit and stronger than most 30 year olds in India. And this transformation started about 10 years ago. It took about 2 years to transform with High Intensity Resistance Training and fixing nutrition issues. Putting on 5-7 kilos of muscle and bringing body fat down to 13%. And then you just maintain the change. It doesn’t take much effort or time to build or maintain. HIRT is very effective at less than 30 minutes once a week. The main factor is nutrition - adequate protein and sufficiency across the micros (minerals and vitamins and trace minerals) plus antioxidants.


you are someone i must meet…im based in Gurgaon. we need to share more notes and do a workout and yes i need you to run the Devils Circuit race this season. Thank you for sharing your transformation story…goes a long way in showing people how amazing the human body and the elements that you can change if you applied yourself #icanyoucan #ageisjustanumber

Thanks. The purpose of my health efforts is enhanced quality of life (mobility & mental acuity) in my twilight years, which will come in 20 years. And so, part of the protocol is to stop activity that repeatedly stresses the joints and joint tissue. So the only running I do now is sprints for my HIIT. Devils Circuit race or marathons do not fit unfortunately.

I am based in Mumbai and happy to share the workout or any other part of the protocol.