Exploring AI-Driven Health Checkups

Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask if anyone has had a full-body health checkup with Nura in Bangalore. I’m curious about the experience and how effective Nura’s AI technology is in detecting early lifestyle diseases and cancer. Are there any published studies or data on its accuracy and effectiveness?

I also wanted to know if the cost of 18k is worth it, compared to other options such as Apollo or Fortis where we could get a full body health checkup for half the price.


@vishnus You did this right?

Yeah, I do it once a year (three times done). I think its good, I havent seen any other place that does cancer screening to this extent. They finish everything within 1 and half to 2 hours. Report is also generated within that time. This is the only annual health checkup I do currently.

They grade different parts of the tests like A, B, C etc. A being good, and so on. And reports compare previous years grades to see if there is progress / deterioration


Is there a sample report available for NURA test? What all does it covers apart from cancer screening? Does it give you Fat% like a Dexa scan as well?

There is a better option for cancer screening available in Bombay. Nura’s imaging doesn’t cover all cancers.