Enabling Life saving Drugs, Vaccines, Medical Devices & more reach the market and eventually the needy patients in a Regulated and safe manner

Good to hear about RainMatter. Guys: We are a bootstrap Life Science company offering plethora of services ranging from Regulatory Affairs to Commercialisation of a Drug/Vaccine/Medical Devices and more to global Life Science enterprises.

We are looking for our first check to sustain and grow.

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Can you share more about what you do? Do you operate as consultants/advisors? Not from Rainmatter team, just curious to learn.

Dear Rupesh:
Firstly, Thank you for your interest and for voluntarily clarifying that you are not from RainMatters.

Yes we offer both consulting and advisory services, in the following areas:

Reg Affairs
Clinical Research/Ops
QA/Audits and Compliance

Does this answer your question?

Kind Regards
Intellitron Research

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Thank you for the response.

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