Did you watch "Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones"? What is your key takeaway points?!

Being a big time foodie and passionate about sustainable food systems around the world from decades I will not miss chance to study and analyze about food, nutrition, culture , lifestyle
and its interdependence on our quality and longevity of life.

I watched in full season of “Live to 100 - Secrets of the Blue Zones”

Here are my some key take away points,

  1. Continuous Movement naturally: No sedentary lifestyle , No goal oriented brisk walk !!
  2. Meal preparations takes longer time , slow process, includes seasonal local diverse pulses ,
    vegetables, grains .
  3. No concept of weekend - work everyday , rest and enjoy on everyday basis.
    No concept of retirement - have some work or hobby to get up everyday from bed
  4. Good community to connect and laugh - Good Social bonding makes you more relaxed and
    happy. Good laugh makes more good to you than you taught.
  5. Faith : Having faith in helps to deal tough unexpected situations and decreases stress

Please add your points


Thanks for sharing Smitha! This is a topic of huge interest for me. I have come across similar takeaways in books like Ikigai as well but if you’re interested in longevity, would definitely recommend David Sinclair’s ‘Lifespan’ which goes into multiple such recommendations, including some clinically proven interventions such as Strength Training and having Metformin among others.

Thanks for the recommendation Issac … I will definitely check it out!!
The quality of life is really I am passionate about .
I would like to know what are your favorite/takeaway points from the show?

Hey Smita, I stay away from streaming sites in general (intent on reducing screen time) and now that I see the takeaways above you shared, gonna skip it most likely. :slight_smile: