Curated Tools for Founders

Hello everyone, I wanted to share some curated tools that I’ve found incredibly helpful for building startups. These tools can save you time, improve your efficiency, and build better. Feel free to explore and see which ones work best for you.


  • Notion: A tool to keep your tasks and projects organised.
  • Airtable: Makes it easy to keep information neat and tidy.
  • Beehiiv: Platform where you can create newsletters
  • Figma: Helps you design and make pictures for your ideas and also you can build websites
  • Canva: You can create infographics, Marketing banners and many more.
  • Webflow: Simple no code website builder
  • Google Analytics: Shows you how many people visit your website
  • Bannerbear: Will help you build simple marketing banners for website and very easy integration
  • Smallpdf One stop destination for all PDF needs and it’s very simple
  • Framer: Nocode website builder and also you can make moving and interactive designs.
  • Add captions on videos like Instagram reels.
  • Issuu: Create intreative flip books or magazines

Payment integration for businesses

Email marketing software

  • MailerLite: This is very simple compared to mail chimp.

Stream or Record videos

Manage and Host events

Go to market

Legal and registration for your business in India.

Legal and registration for your business outside india


Simple forms or Surveys for your businesses

Content creation for your Business

One platform for creating Presentations

Nocode landing page or website builder

  • Dorik I find this is better than Bubble or any static page builder.

I hope these tools will be helpful. I’ll share more if I come across other useful tools, Good luck. :slight_smile: