Crack the Code to Optimal Health: Supply6 360

A staggering 76% of Indians suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and 73% lack adequate Vitamin B12.

As health-conscious individuals, we know that striking the right balance between calories and essential micronutrients can be quite a challenge. Especially in Indian diets, where carbs dominate our plates.

We’ve designed Supply6 360 to address these nutritional gaps. Our customers have experienced improved energy levels and better gut health.

Here’s some of the features of Supply6 360 -

:herb: 63+ vitamins, minerals, and premium ingredients, including a rich blend of fruits and veggies, are packed into each sachet.

:sun_with_face: Vitamin D & B12: Our formulation provides 85% of your daily required levels, ensuring your body thrives.

:seedling: Gut Health: Nourish your digestion with 3 billion CFU Probiotics, promoting a healthy gut. No refrigeration required because this product is shelf stable.

:plate_with_cutlery: Savor the Taste: Crafted with the Indian palate in mind, Supply6 360 has a neutral taste that effortlessly blends with water.

:factory: Made in India: Manufactured in USFDA Approved facilities.

₹ Cost-Effective: At just 990 INR for 15 servings, investing in your long-term health has never been this affordable!

How to consume Supply6 360 -

Add the powder to 120ml of water, stir and drink first thing in the morning.

Check it out - Supply6 360


Hey @Vaibhav_bhandari

As Athletic Greens is well-known, could you explain how you compare to them in all the aspects you can think of?

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Some of us got to try this yesterday at the office; I have some questions:

  1. Have experienced acidity after drinking these greens. I have experienced this with other greens as well; what is the reason, and is it common?

  2. For This blend of fruits and veggies to become soluble, how much processing does it take, and with that processing, does the nutritional value stay intact? I cannot understand why people would prefer this over fresh fruits and vegetables that have so much fibre as a whole. Comparatively, fresh fruits and veggies taste much better than this. This is a genuine concern; please share some research you’ve done on why people would or should choose this.

Hi, this seems really good I checked the label out and it ticks every box. Have pre-ordered it :slight_smile:

I use to buy a lot of the green suppliments earlier through iherb, there was a brand called Amazing Grass if I am not mistaken.

I reckon the primary reason I used this is so that all the benefits of fruits and veggies for the day can be consumed easily, i also used it as part of my formulation for my protein shake.

Acai berry and Spirulina always seemed to be the active ingredient.

A few of the brands did add prebiotic to the greens which helps with the gas i think.

We do something similar with our cookies and chocolates we incorporate a prebiotic which helps to digest the food better.

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Thanks for sharing. Just wanted to add: deficiency of B-12 may also lead to Mental illnesses such as Irritability etc. In fact, we have validated this with some of our users. The work is still in progress. We shall share full detail soon.

Also, a deficiency of B-12 can lead to higher MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume) and MCH ( mean corpuscular hemoglobin).

So, everyone please take care of your B-12. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we are Making Healthcare affordable for the bottom 90% of Indians and the most of the available solutions are unaffordable for our target customers. Otherwise, I would have love to understand the detail.

Hey @Sagar_Gudekote

When comparing Supply6 360 and Athletic Greens, several key differences emerge. Firstly, in terms of taste, Supply6 360 offers a neutral flavor with a subtle berry note, blending seamlessly with water. On the contrary, Athletic Greens has a dominant taste of Pea Isolate, resulting in a chalky texture and an earthy flavor.

Secondly, the serving sizes of the two supplements vary significantly. Supply6 360 can be conveniently consumed with just 100-120ml of water or added to smoothies, while Athletic Greens requires a minimum of 350ml of water for consumption. This disparity poses a challenge for those opting for Athletic Greens, as daily intake of a 350ml earthy-flavored drink may be less appealing compared to the 100ml water-like drink offered by Supply6 360.

Another crucial aspect is the presence of Vitamin D3, especially considering the prevalence of Vitamin D3 deficiency among over 76% of Indian adults. Supply6 360 contains approximately 85% of the daily required intake of Vitamin D3, whereas Athletic Greens lacks Vitamin D3 altogether.

Lastly, the cost factor cannot be overlooked. Supply6 360 comes at a more affordable price of INR 60 per serving, making it a budget-friendly choice. On the other hand, Athletic Greens costs INR 180 per serving, making it a more expensive option.

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Hey @Kulsum

  1. There could be several reasons why some people may experience acidity or discomfort after consuming any greens powder in the first few days. One possible explanation is that their bodies may need time to adjust to the new supplement, especially if they are not accustomed to consuming large amounts of greens or plant-based compounds. Additionally, green powders often contain high amounts of fiber and other nutrients, which can lead to digestive changes until the body adapts. Its similar to concept of Acclimatisation. This is completely normal and the body takes anywhere between 4-7 days to adapt. To minimize discomfort, start with a smaller serving size and gradually increase it over time.

  2. All Fruits and Vegetables are Freeze dried. Through Freeze Drying, all nutrients remain intact and there is no change in the taste.

  • An Adult requires to consume 400g (5 servings) of Fruits and Vegetables on a daily basis to fulfill their Micro Nutrient requirements. However, 98.4% Men and 98.8% Women in India aren’t consuming 5 Servings Fruits and Veggies (According to an ICMR /NCDIR Report, Here’s the link: ICMR Report.

This could be because of multiple reasons:

  1. Cultural and Dietary Habits: Traditional Indian diets may be rich in grains, legumes, and other staples, but they might not prioritise the consumption of fruits and vegetables as much.

  2. Cost: The cost of fresh produce can sometimes be prohibitive for certain segments of the population, making it difficult to include a wide range of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet.

  3. Time Constraints: Modern lifestyles and busy schedules might lead people to opt for more convenient, processed foods, which may not always include enough fruits and vegetables.

  4. Taste Preferences: Some individuals may not enjoy the taste of certain fruits and vegetables, making them less likely to incorporate them into their meals.

Several factors like lack of awareness, lifestyle habits (such as long working hours), and dietary preferences may hinder a person from maintaining a perfect diet.

Additionally, Probiotics and a few other Vitamins are not available in Fruits and Vegetables, but are extremely important for daily consumption.

This is where Supply6 360 comes in.

Furthermore, We had also shot an AD (Ad) illustrating this, which has given us a 2.5 ROAS, indicating that people connect with the message.

Thank you.

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Got it, thanks.