Connecting vehicle owners to nearby authorized service stations

Vehicle servicing is always a tedious process and took a lot of time & effort in finding a nearby authorized service center, going through ratings & reviews, and distance, or either you will depend on your favorite service centers that they will call you to remind. If your vehicle needs servicing urgently, you will allocate some time to find it, but still, you will have doubts about costing.

Do you agree? I have faced this issue every time and basis our research 4500 vehicle owners face this issue every day just in Pune city. Every 4 out of 10 customers are looking for some kind of convenience to ease this process.

No Worries. We have a solution for you. Now you can get nearby authorized service stations with review, ratings, distance, estimate cost prior to service, and schedule service at your desired time, Get real-time service updates, online payment, and most importantly you can poll your servicing experience directly to the manufacturer.

so Basically, Wheely services is an online aggregated service booking solution to cater to all the vehicle servicing needs with ease and comfort.


Reviewing this pitch, will reach out with next steps. :slight_smile:

Hey Santosh - shared an email with a few follow up questions. Looking forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

Hey Dinesh- Thanks for your prompt response. I have shared details over mail. Glad to answer the queries you have.

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