Climate Tech Trends 2024

This report contains several interesting startups in the global climate tech sector.

These are a few of the startups on the list that i really like! :slight_smile:

Bolder Industries: converting end-of-life tires into carbon black, oil, steel and energy.

Kodiak Robotics: Autonomous driving fleets of electric long-haul trucks.

Monarch Tractor: Completely electric, driver optional tractors focused on agricultural efficiency.

SparkCharge: No-installation-needed EV charging using portable DC fast chargers designed to operate without the grid, anywhere they are needed.

Wright: Decarbonizing many industries including aviation (100 passenger electric planes for 1 hour travel), combat portable generators, electric plane motors for other manufacturers.

Enode: Brings 400+ energy devices into one platform so consumers can save money, take control, and reduce emissions in a single place.

Advanced.Farm: Robots that replace manual farm labor including hand picking and packing produce.

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