Ask Me Anything About Fitness at 50 & The Devils Circuit

Here is what my team wants me to introduce myself as & have forbidden me from making an edits. Would love to chat with you all if you are still here after reading about me

"Adnan found himself at the ripe age of 40.

Till 40, he had a set career, a wife, 2 children -boy & girl and a very well paying job. He had studied at Doon School and Kingston University, worked across the world and was living in Dubai in an apartment facing the Burj. He had a nice little paunch and an annual membership to the gym that was used occasionally. He was overall quite content with life, measured fairly high on the money/status/growth scale and was in a nutshell well settled.

Upon turning 40 he introspected and realised that he was bored, uninspired, and unfit. This is when he decided to shake things up. He quit his job, uprooted his family, liquidated his assets and plonked himself in the most polluted city in the world. Here he pioneered properties in the unchartered space of disruptive , participative sports and created successful brands in Devils Circuit, Corporate Challenge, College Frenzy as well as BunkerFit. He currently runs these with a very hands on and competent team, leaving him free to be a fitness and sports evangelist.

Adnan loves to speak, its difficult getting him to stick to timelines, however he is interesting to listen to which saves his neck quite frequently. He is an ideas guy who loves interacting with people and exchanging viewpoints.

Adnan is now fit (the fittest he has ever been), inspired and very happy with life. He has also discovered Instagram : adnanadeebx, please follow him".


Asking for a friend. For someone new to obstacle racing, what should be an ideal training routine? What sort of cardio/strength formats should be given more focus.

Friend is female/36/ does strength training thrice/week :slight_smile:

Need this training routine for 26-year-old female too :slight_smile:

Hey Friend of Dilip, welcome to the world of obstacle running. strength training coupled with HIIT is the secret sauce. If you can throw in some body weight exercises once or twice a week you will be more than ready to leave a mark at your first race with us.
ps- master the art of pull ups and it could also get you a podium !

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Gender, age, fitness level are all secondary if mental toughness doesnt exist. Remember the training only gets you to the race and gets you started- your mental strength is what will get you past the finish line. Don’t worry about anyone else because the competition is YOU- its you versus you. Work on the above plan of strength training and HIIT but remember you need to be stubborn and determined when you start that race. Come and be the strongest you have ever been.



Hi @adnanadeeb, Thanks! I have many questions not related to health and fitness but more from psychology and personal growth.

  1. Is there a difference between the aspiration to live longer before and after discovering your passion?
  2. Also, do you feel that you lost the initial 20 years (between 20 to 40) by following the conventional path?

One last question: I have heard from Nithin that you can speak with high energy for a really long time without running out of energy. Frankly, if I speak for 25 minutes, I run out of energy. I exercise a minimum of 5 days a week and can run 5 km in one go. How can I improve my speaking energy and duration like you? :slight_smile:


Yeah, How @adnanadeeb? How? :slight_smile:

Ridiculous all the energy you have at the start of every wave at every race. And then in person as well, the high energy never seems to go low. Genetic lottery, or have you actively trained to be able to do this? Did you have a sales role in your previous Avatar?


Hi Suman, im getting a lot more credit than I deserve courtesy Nithin who I think is the coolest person I have ever met!

To answer your question, I don’t think i have an aspiration to live longer, my aspiration however has changed towards the quality of life I hope to lead for however long I live. so my focus simply is how do i ensure that once I retire, I am fit enough to continue enjoying the things that bring me joy today. And that mindset shift I think is what I can perhaps attribute to my passion!

To your second question, yes!! I wish I knew what I know now when I was younger but then i guess that’s true for many aspects of your life- including investing smartly, right? So all in all I don’t really spend too much time thinking about what I could or should have done, my energy is firmly focused on the here and now, because this is what is absolutely in my control.

Haha my energy just comes from my genuine love for what I do and true gratitude for the amazing life I have. I think I am truly blessed, I have inspirational people in my life who i look up to, my family is healthy, to some extent I have financial stability, I don"t aspire to own big cars, houses, or material things (and thankfully neither does my wife!) so all in all I guess I am lucky enough to be in a happy place where I only have positive energies around me and I guess that is what I reflect! #booyah !!

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Hey Nithin, you caught me! Yes I was a sales person in my previous life but I think at some level we all are :innocent:! With regards to the energy i think i have just come to love the stage, to be able to share stories of real people, to see them excited, pumped and yes over the top when they cross that finish line. Secondly just excited most days at the thought of what we are building- the positive impact, the experiences we can create, and the memories people have of our events…all in all just super pumped with the work I get to do!

I was listening to this song the other day and you came to my mind. “Wave after wave” :wink: I guess those who have run the Devilcircuit will get the context.


Booyah !


love it…what a song :ok_hand: :+1:

+1, I have not met Nithin, yet - based on all his digital footprints/interactions, he is super cool!! :slight_smile:

loved your answers! Can I ask a few more questions? Again, these are not related to health and wellness

How had you convenience yourself that you have grown older? I am half of your age + 2, see here also I prevented myself from saying my actual age in number. Because I don’t remember living my age between 21 to 26. And today, when I am having fun with every second of my life (except a few things here and there). it is almost impossible to convince myself that I have grown older. how did you make peace with this uncontrollable part of your life?

Let me extend this, Do you think getting married, having kids and added responsibilities help individuals to make peace of getting older?

In fact, everyone in this thread who is in their mid-thirties can add their experiences

PS: Even though this is an occasional thought but has been circulating in my mind for a while. And apologies for the out-of-context questions! :pray:

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Hey Suman, I think the starting point for this mindset is to understand that age is just a number. Its an oft used phrase that one should not look at the years in your life, but focus on the life you have lived in those years. Linking it back to my earlier answer, just believe that if today is all that you have control over, how best can you spend it? How can you create value, happiness, contentment, gratitude, and most importantly humor in your today? The age will automatically cease to matter.

So buddy focus on personal growth and dont stress about getting older. I personally dont think that external factors like marriage and kids play any role here. Ultimately its your own thinking, your own way of living, and your own beliefs that make you who you are.

So relax, enjoy, you have a long road ahead, make the most of it and remember, today is not coming back!
See you at the races.

WoW! That transfer of energy from the digital world to the physical world!
Aye Aye Captain! :saluting_face:

Thank you so much for the incredible thrilling & challenging experience at the Devil`s Circuit. It helped me reflect my overall fitness level as I could complete only 12 out of 15 obstacles. At 46 years young ,I plan to return next year and conquer all the obstacles and make it an annual tradition.

I tried to conquer The Summit atleast 15 times and i was this close in more than 10 attempts

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nearly there… :clap: :muscle:
2024 will be that year- when you do get to the top remember to thump your chest and scream that war cry #booyah !!!

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Sure Chief. :muscle: