Yacon - A Peruvian Super Root Cultivated In Sikkim

Got it, thanks Abhimanyu

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Hey Abhimanyu, I am Abhi from Ditch the guilt / The keto culture. I don’t know if you remember but I had purchased some of your yacon syrup :slight_smile:
to add to our chocolates for manufacturing.
It’s a great product.
Loved the fact that it is only 1 on GI.
The only struggle we had is when we add it to the chocolates the products consistanancy goes for a spin, if you could maybe freeze dry it, into a powder form that would be epic.
I guess zydus is working on a Sweetener with yacon as it’s base.

Hi Abhi,

I remember you and I met a person at Koramangala from your organization then.

We had considered two technologies for the powder back then. Freeze drying and spray drying. Having bootstrapped, we didn’t have the necessary funds. The best and cheapest method to deliver the product for us was making a syrup out of it.

In our future course of action we have spray drying under consideration as we will be able to utilize the all of the fiber effectively.

The syrup use cases are pretty extensive. I had a friend who used Yacon Syrup as a central liquid filler in her chocolate balls. If I could get a base recipe of how you tried it in the chocolate back then, I could come up with some solutions.

I apologize for the late reply. I was on a holiday with my family for the last 10 days.

Looking forward to meeting you in person this time when I am in Bangalore.

I tried to use the syrup to make chocolate too. I ordered 99% pure peruvian cacao powder and organic cocoa butter. those two melted together fine but siezed up the moment I added the syrup. I ended up making truffles with that mess.

Hey So this isn’t uncommon simple reason is the water content.
For Yacon or FOS or any other zero sugar sweetener you may have to use the crystallized form.
Hope this helps
Also try using nibs over cocoa solids (powder). Wouldn’t ever recommend using cocoa powder and butter to make chocolate :slight_smile: